Perfect Skin One Shot Cover Stick Foundation

Hi everyone today I’ll be talking about Perfect Skin famous foundation which is One Shot Cover Stick Foundation. Perfect skin is a brand from Korea and their stick foundation has became a best selling item especially after the famous actress Song Ji-hyo using it.

This foundation is portable due to the 3 in 1 function which contains base + foundation + sunscreen (SPF50+ / PA+++).  Basically, this means that primer, sunscreen and foundation has just become one step and more times is save! It will be a perfect product when you are in a rush at anytime and anywhere. It is also an all-in one for whitening + moisturizing + anti-Wrinkle + high Coverage + sun-Protection. This lightweight formulation foundation will transforms your through instant skin perfection and long-lasting makeup. Its advanced lightweight formulation delivers a very subtle sheen with high coverage and great adhesion to your skin. Patented Vitamin-C complex core essence illuminates your complexion and whitening your skin, also visibly minimizes all imperfections, pores, fine lines, and dark spots instantly and over time.

Way to use it???

Extra Beauty Tips:

*To maintain the appearance of flawless, effortless natural born beauty effect like Korean Celebs – NO setting powder is needed after applying Perfect Skin One Shot Cover Stick Foundation SPF 50+ / PA+++

*To achieve a Semi-Matte perfect natural radiant complexion, simply apply a thin layer of Perfect Skin Marble Sun Pact SPF 50+ / PA+++ on top of the foundation. Its help for oil controlling, balancing skin tone and also remaining a beautiful natural glow subtle sheen of your base makeup with a non-greasy result.

*For enhancing duration of your base makeup to resist the summer heat, you may consider to apply a thin layer of sheer loose powder on top of the foundation but the original sheen glowing effect will be decreased accordingly.

*For people who have extremely oily skin, use any kind of matte pressed powder on some typical oily areas like forehead, T-zone and chin in order to enhance the duration of your base makeup. Adding this simple step could help you to keep the foundation stays in place all day long and doesn’t budge.

The packaging

The product packaging is cute and nice. 😍 It is a silver colour stick that comes with a silver colour box. The top cap of the product has a pink bow with it. The most attracting part is the brush that they provided (at the bottom of the product) is able to remove. This will be a huge thumbs up because for hygiene purpose we are able to wash it clean.

My review

The shade that I’m using is No.23 (they only have shade No.21 and No.23) which is for a more natural look effect while No.21 is more on the glowing and whitening effect. It is very moisture and easy to blend.  

After using it, I do not have any sticky and uncomfortable feeling. It is very lightweight and breathable. I’ll reapply the foundation on spots that need extra coverage. It covers my acne scars, pores and red spots well without any concealer. It do make my skin to look healthier and flawless. Besides, it is also very long lasting. I have used it for almost 8 hours (some outdoor waking and indoor air-condition) without any touch-ups it still look good when I’m back home. 😄  However, if you have dry patches, I recommend you to use scrubs and moisturizer before using it. If not the dry patches will look very obvious. This foundation is also very easy to be removed. It will just dissolved  or removed with a makeup remover tissue or cleasing oil.

The only downside will be the shade that they have. It’s only two shade!!! 😓 It is very difficult to choose and find the right colors to match the skin tone. The shade that I’m using No.23 (Skin Beige) is slightly darker than my own skin tone. On the other hand,  the shade No.21 (Pink Beige) will look too white on me. So to look a bit more natural at last I choose shade No.23.

Will I repurchase? Yes!!! 😁  I’ll definitely repurchase their improved formula which is the marble stick foundation. The only different will be the ingredients are improved to be better and the packaging are included Jenny point mirror at the top of the cap. This will be more easier to carry around and fix the make-up at anywhere.

I’ll give this product 4 stars out of 5. It has become my current favorite for now!!!

I purchase this product from Hermo.

Love, Jess.

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12 thoughts on “Perfect Skin One Shot Cover Stick Foundation

    • jesselinejialin says:

      Hi Iqra Akhtar, sorry for late reply… I’m so sorry to tell you that all the ingredients are in Korean (which I don’t understand) and I can’t manage to find any ingredient list online too. I’m so sorry I can’t help you out. However, I personally also have slight sensitive skin. This foundation stick do not bring any breakout or redness to me. If you wanna give it a try, you may.


  1. fadhadriana says:

    hi u think it will suit malay’s normal skin tone well (medium skin tone)??i like to try it but a bit scared it would be too fair for me..

    Liked by 1 person

    • jesselinejialin says:

      Hi Fadhadriana 😊 I’m using No.23 which is skin beige. It doesn’t look white on me, it just make my skin brighter. I can say is very similar to my skin tone. My skin tone is fair to medium. My Sephora products are in No.20, Tarte products are in light beige, Benefit products are in champagne (which look a bit yellowish on me). If you are using similar colors than it should be okay. If your skin tone are not medium to dark and you would prefer to look a bit whiter and brighter, than I think is okay.


  2. Jesseline says:

    Hi… If you are using April skin shade 22 which is pink beige then maybe you can use shade 21 which is pink beige also… Because I think both shade for this foundation do suits you… If you wanna look more brighten and white then opt for shade 22… If you are looking for a more healthy look then opt for shade 23… Korean foundation usually wouldn’t produce very dark shade.


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