Love • (A Feeling or A Choice)

Hello everyone 😊 Today my topic will be something different from beauty. I’ll be discussing about love and marriage. This topic somehow get my attention for it. So I plan to share with you guys.

Recently I have read through an article from a blog (Click here to read the complete article) titled Relationships Don’t Last Based On Feelings, But Choices. This article is quite interesting. It says that marriage is a choice, it’s a conscious commitment. On the other hand, feeling is something that will keep on changing that we can’t depends on it for our marriage. At this moment we may say that we are in love, but who knows the next moment we’ll hate each other. In a marriage, when problems arise people either choose to stay and fix it or leave which is divorce. So based on the whole explanation and examples, it may seems that relationships is a choice rather than feeling. However, it’s all based on personal opinion and thinking.

In my opinion, love is a mixture of feelings and choices. If you don’t have the feelings to the person at first, how will it turns to a choice or decision (whether to be marry or not). When the relationship is new, is all about the feelings that you have towards he or she. It’s fun and enjoyable. ( I believe that’s the same for everyone who’s in the beginning of the relationship. It’s loving). I also agreed that feelings will fade. When times pass, years after years, there always a slight feeling of confusion  (is the person your Mr.Right or Mrs.Right). This questions will somehow pop up  to me when I have arguments with my partner. But evertime I will choose to stay because no one is perfect. I believe that when people say they found their right person, it’s actually refer to they go through and fix things together rather than leaving. Both parties are willing to commit to each other. Of course, when things can’t be fix you choose to leave and start a new relationship. (Again it’s is a new cycle of feelings and choices.)

Love and marriage. It is not a things that we can just sum up with words or sentences. Everyone have different thoughts and feelings. We can’t say who’s right and who’s wrong. There’s always both to balance up.

Overhere, I wish to those who’s in love last forever and to those who’s still searching for love a good luck.

Love, Jess

I wish to know what will be your thingkings and opinions for love and marriage. It is a feeling or a choice? Comment below and let me know. 😊

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2 thoughts on “Love • (A Feeling or A Choice)

  1. 1992nora says:

    It depends and different from culture to another here in my culture love isn’t important at all . Here woman to be successful and to make her parents happy it’s to marry the guy who her family want her to . They consider his social statue and his job and a lot of thing instead of love .
    Personally I think love is something which is going to fade with time but I still consider it important for marriage but at the end all feelings will fade away . Marriage need a lot of thing to survive and to continue . That was my opinion ^^

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