Regen Cosmetic – 2 Step Synergy Effect Mask

Hello everyone, today I’ll wanna share with you girls about a Korean Mask that I have been using recently. The brand name is Regen Cosmetic. Regen cosmetic is a prestige brand name by plastic surgeons and dermatologist of Seoul National University. Regen is the largest Korea leading beauty medical group which includes dermatology, dentistry and cosmetic. Regen Medical Group has received The Medical Korea Awards from 2010 to 2014 consecutively, which is considered one of the most prestigious and authoritative awards in the medical profession.



Plastic surgery is very common for nowadays that not only for celebrities. I personally have few friends around me that have undergo plastic surgery for nose and eyes job. However, I’m not that types that will put my face under that knife just for beauty. (I’m kinda scared of it… Hahaha) 😭 So when I first came across about this mask that will give you a define V-line without undergoing any surgery (No more double chin), I’m definitely trying it!!!


The V-Line Effect 

They have five different types of mask for this range: Moisturizing, Whitening, Wrinkle, Pore, and Nutrition. I have try many different types of mask in my life, but this mask is really interesting to me. I purchased the Pore type and using it once for every week.

Description and Steps to use:


Description and Steps

Mask design with patented dual synergistic to the golden ratio cut through the skin test 4 Free: no alcohol, no coloring, no mineral oil, no preservatives. 100% cotton upper mask used to enhance moisturizing effect, in particular, to add character and wrinkles for care. The lower is the gelatinous ear style mask, so the mask seamless paste clothes, effective absorption of highly concentrated gel type Halophyte, regulate skin moisture balance, shaping elastic and soft lines of the face!

There are total 2 mask in the packaging. The first mask is just like others mask sold in the market that’s soak with serum. This one is for the forehead and check. The second piece of mask is to define the V-line. It’s more thicker that the other mask. The outer part of it is cotton and the inner part of it is like jelly. Just relax for 20 minutes after you put on the mask. Then you will get the effect of it.

Overall of this mask is quite satisfying. The pore types do calm my skin and tighten up the pores. I will recommend for acne prone skin to try. I use it only at night. If you have tried Korean mask before, you may know that their mask is really sticky compared to others. It doesn’t have any sting smell of it. The first mask is really moisturizing. They do have quite a lot of serum it in. However, the lifting effect of V-line for me doesn’t show up much. But I’m still not so disappointing as I know it’s just a mask. Maybe if using it for a longer period you may see the effect of it. I’ll wanna try others types of this mask as well.

Wanna know more about it, maybe you may watch this video Click here. You can also visit their official website if you are interested to try it.

Love, Jess

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