Hello everyone, it’s finally time to show you the goodies that I picked up from Hermo.

Hermo is like Sephora in Malaysia. Sephora is more on Western and European beauty, but Hermo provides a wide range of Asia especially Korean products. They provide varieties of beauty products from head to toes even beauty food!!! Their products is cheap compared to others beauty site. I really love them 😘 Almost all of my products are from them.

Back to the main topic. So this time I have pick up few products from Korea and Taiwan.

  • 1028 Glow Primer

image1028 is a Taiwan beauty brand by a by a famous Taiwan make-up artist Xiao Kai Lao Shi. It offers a wide range of make-up and cleansing products. Since the founder was a make-up artist himself, he (and his friends) often gets chance to promote their products on TV show. So I really wanted to try it by myself. This glow primer offer in 2 range (white and pink). I purchased the one in pink to mix in my foundation for a subtle glow.


  • 1028 Super Hydrating Mineral Powder


This is another products from 1028. I bought this products because it looks quite interesting to me. It’s actually a compacted mineral powder by with a metal scrap on top of it. When you turn the metal scrap, it will turn to be loose powder. This is already amazed me. The interesting part is this powder comes in 2 types, matte and shimmer. Yup, Shimmer!!! I don’t know about you, but I personally haven’t try any powder with shimmer in it. It’s just make me so curious to try.

  • Mizon Vita Lemon Sparkling Toner

imageMizon is a beauty brand from Korea. The only reason why I choose this toner is simply attracted to the lemon ingredients. Lemon is famous for the brightening effects and of course treating those stupid acne and pimples. Recently I just have few pimples pop up on my face. I really hate it and wanna find solution. So I bought it.

  • Mizon Enjoy Vital-up Time Variety Set


I love mask. Mask is just for lazy girl like me. When I’m tired and doesn’t feel like doing any things for my face, I’ll just put on a mask and go for sleep. When I saw this mask, I immediately bought. It’s a set of ten for $9!!!

  • White Formula Super Moist With Hyaluronic Acid Travel Set

imageSeriously this is just a extra products that I bought. I simply add this to my shopping bag because of the travel size that I can just bring along with me when I’m going to gym. It has a facial form, a toner and a lotion. All this three is 20ml.

So that’s all for my Hermo haul this time. After I have used all the products, I’ll definitely write a full review on it. So stay tunes.

Feel free to give me comments and feedbacks too. I’ll love to hear.

Wanna know more about Hermo, check out the HERMO link here.

Love, Jess

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