CNP Laboratory – Anti-Blemish Spot Pads

Hello everyone, recently my skin is in a bad condition. This may due to the current weather in Malaysia. It’s really hot and hazy here. The air condition over here is really bad. Few pimples have pop up in a consequences days on my face. I’m really sad about it. So I have go to Hermo and search is there any products can help me out. Finally, I came across this product named CNP Laboratory.


About CNP Laboratory

At last, I have bought the CNP Laboratory Anti-blemish Spot Pads. The pads is help to relieves skin blemishes and reduce the appearance of redness. It also claims to leaves skin looking smoother and clear. It also has pore tightening and anti-oily effect. It control excess sebum and cleans the pores to leave the skin looking clearer and healthier. The pads also contain pantheons and beta-glucan that quickly penetrate deep into the skin to keep it hydrate.



In a small box, there is three small packet in it. Each small packet inside got 2 small pads. The pads got two surface, smooth and rouge. The rouge surface is to gently eliminate dead skin cells and impurities from pores.


The rouge side of the pad

How to use: First, hold one piece of pad with smooth surface facing upwards. Then, put the pad on blemish area of your face for 10-15 minutes. After 15 minutes, remove the pad and hold it with the rouge surface facing upwards. Lastly, use the rouge surface to wipe of keratin areas (dead skin cells).

Reviews: I personally think that this products is not so effective in reducing my pimples size. The redness is still there. In a small box, there is only three packet. Which means you can only use for three times. At first, I thought it will be very effective since there’s only 3 pads. So the results must be very good. But it doesn’t show that way. As you may know, Korean products might be more sticky compared to others. So do this. My last thoughts, I’m quite disappointed with this product. I think I’ll not repurchase this again. If you are planning to buy this, think twice before getting it. However, if you still wanna give it a try you can do so, since the price is reasonable too.

Hope I did help you out.

Love, Jess

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