Products That is Dissapointed

Hello everyone, today I’m sharing a few products that is dissapointing me after trying it. There’s always some products that we purchased and excited to try for it but didn’t work out like what we have expected. That’s quite sad about it. So to avoid such problems happened on you, I just wanna share a few thoughts of mine for these products.


CP-1 Volume Express and Miniso True Queen Waterproof Eyeliner

  • Miniso True Queen Waterproof Eyeliner

Miniso is a Japan fast fashion brand and headquartered in Tokyo. They do have a wide range of products include household, health and beauty, food and drink, digital gifts and some seasonal products. The price is reasonable with good quality. I have purchased few things before from the Miniso store and the products functioning quite well. However, this eyeliner that I bought I’m very dissapointed about it. It’s stated that is a waterproof gel eyeliner but when I sweat the eyeliner just melts. (I just look like a panda!!!) It’s not long lasting as well. The only good things is its come with a small brush with cap. I think I’ll hardly use this eyeliner again. It’s sad.


Miniso True Queen Waterproof Eyeliner

  • CP-1 Volume Express

This volumizing hair spray do have some good review from other users. It’s used to make you hair look shinny and volumized. It contains water polymer to coats your hair, so that it looks silky and shinny. It’s a water type hair spray, you just have to spray directly to your hair or hair roots. It also says that your curls can last longer with this hair spray. However, it do not impressed me. It has a very strong chemical smells that is unpleasant to me. Besides, after using this my hair is tangled although it does make my hair look less frizzy. My fingers can’t go through my hair smoothly with this products. I purchased this in order to replace my L’Occitance Volumizing hair spray that is quite pricey but I think I’ll still stick to L’Occitance. (See my full L’Occitance hair mist review here)


CP-1 Volume Express

I hope that this post do help you understand the products before you purchasing it. Well, if you still wanna give this products a try, you may go ahead.

Hope you enjoy reading it.

Love, Jess

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