KAO MegRhythm Steam Eye Mask

Hello everyone, today I will wanna share something interesting for you girls to try. Have you ever use or try steam eye mask before? For me, myself I have never tried it. It’s my first time and I have fall in love with it. 😍 It’s the Kao MegRhythm Steam Eye Mask. This product is very special and innovative.


It’s actually a Japanese brand called Kao Megrhythm. The product is made by the Kao Group from Japan, which is in the business of “prestige cosmetics, and premium skin care and hair care products; the Human Health Care Business with products that include functional health beverages and feminine and baby care products; and the Fabric and Home Care Business, which includes laundry detergents and household cleaners.” They are also in the Chemical Business. So, i’ll say that is a very reliable company. It is sold in almost all the Japanese drugstore and online on ebay as well. The price for this is very affordable. However, the description are all in Japanese but not to worry they do have worldwide website that are in English (Kao worldwide website).

Simple description of the steam eye maskimage


Way to useimage

The look of the steam eye mask 


The front (on the left) and the back (on the right)

I’m so curious to know how the iron powder that mention will look like. Thus, I have open up the cotton and check it out.


The black colour strap is the iron that mention in the description (this will be how it look like after you have used it)


What I can say is I really enjoy using this steam eye mask. I swear that I feel like using it everyday. The heat is just nice. It’s not hot like boiling but warm. The cotton pads is very smooth and soft to put on the eyes. The one that I have is in chamomile scent, the smell is not too strong. The aroma make you fall into sleep easily. It’s very comfortable and relaxing. The only downside is the period that the heat last is not long. The description says that the heat may last for 10 minutes. For me, it’s not long enough to enjoy the moment. I think I’ll definitely repurchase this product again. A big thumbs up for the steam eye mask.

This eye mask do have 4 different scents.


Hope you enjoy reading this post.

Love, Jess

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