Detox Water (Healthy + Beauty)

Detox water is great for health and beauty. It’s healthy and organic. However, there is also people commenting that detox water is not recommend for everyone. Sometimes, it’s really confusing even for me. While it is possible to get it wrong, as long as you get it right you’ll be helping yourself in several different ways. There’s lot of benefits about detox water that you can search, for example, boosting your energy, helps weight loss, stronger immune systems, improved skin condition and a lot more.

Today, I’m not gonna share about the benefits of detox water with you guys. All the benefits you may search and read through it online. For today, I’m gonna share a few recipes of detox water for you guys to try. I have tried all a lot detox water and these are a few that I love and will be doing it again and again. I hope you all will spend a little times and try it out too.

Preparations and Tips

Each ingredients in the detox water will have different benefits. The preparation is also very easy. First, wash and clean the ingredients nicely then cut it into smaller pieces (some ingredients you may cut into a cube sizes). Second, prepare a glass bottle or jar with drinking water in it. After that, put in all the ingredients that have prepared earlier into the glass bottle or jar. Now, chill the detox water by placing it into the refrigerator for 8 hours. After 8 hours, all you do is enjoy and drink it up. 🙂 All the detox water are prepared using this method. The amount of ingredients can be varies according to your personal favor. Here’s a few things to remember:

  1. Detox water is for health and beauty, so please don’t add any sugar into it.
  2. The bottle or jar must be seal and air tight. If not no matter how long you take to soak the ingredients, it will still be tasteless.
  3. Please use glass bottle or jar. This is because acidic ingredients like lemon, lime or orange will caused the plastic materials to produce toxic.
  4. The smaller the sizes of the ingredients, the better the detox water will taste.
  5. The ingredients must be washed clean. The detox water must be finishing up between two days since it is prepared without any preservative.
  6. The detox water must be soaked at least 8 hours. The preparation can be done a day before and chill it in the fridge, enjoy it the nest day.

So now let look into the detox water recipes.

  •  Strawberry Detox Water


Ingredients: Strawberry + Peppermint leaves + Water

Strawberry is good to regulate gastrointestinal, improve constipation problems and also it can prevent cancer too. This detox water taste a bit sour and sweet. Even less than 8 hours it already tasting good. If you don’t like the peppermint taste, you may reduce the amount of it.

  • Apple Cinnamon Detox Water 


Ingredients: Apple + Cinnamon Stick (or cinnamon powder) + Water

This detox water can increase your metabolism and its zero calories. Girls, can you hear that its zero calories!!! Apple are rich in antioxidants, including Vitamins C and B Complex. Cinnamon has many health benefits, including lowering cholesterol, fighting diabetes, and helps relieve arthritis pain. This detox water is very good for ladies. Red apple are recommended as it taste sweet. The drink itself is very refreshing with a slight sweetness.

  • Raspberry Lemon Detox Water


Ingredients: Raspberry + Lemon + Peppermint Leaves + Water

Raspberry and lemon are rich in Vitamin C. It is good for natural skin brightening and whitening. This detox water are also a natural antioxidants drink for ladies. If people with gastric problem can reduce the amount of lemon so that its not so acidic.

  • Berries Detox Water


Ingredients: Blueberry + Blackberry + Strawberry + Rosemary + Water

This detox water is good for those who always need to overnight or have to face the computer for a long time. This drink is good for detoxifying and also helps to restore vitality.   The antioxidants ingredients of berries help your body resist fatigue. There is no worries about the sweetness of berries. The natural sugar even used in diabetic diet as a serving of fruit.

  • Citrus Detox Water 

Jug of water with citrus fruit, lemon balm and ice cubes

Ingredients: Orange + Grapefruit + Lemon + Water

This drink is good for detox. The best combination of all acidic fruit. Thus, it taste sour! For those who wanna reduce the acidity of this drink, I recommend to reduce the amount of lemon and replace it with orange. It will also taste good with a little of peppermint leaves in it for an extra refreshing taste.

  • Mixed Fruit Detox Water 


Ingredients: Lemon + Strawberry + Apple + Peppermint leaves + Cinnamon Stick (or cinnamon powder) + Water

This detox water with the combination few fruits is rich in taste and also vitamin. Cinnamon is good for ladies as it is used to fight HIV disease. The amount of cinnamon for this drink no need to be much, just half a stick or a teaspoon is enough. For lemon, one or two pieces will do. The amount of ingredients for this drink can be varies according to the person favor and taste.

  • Lime Cucumber Detox Water


Ingredients: Lime + Cucumber + Peppermint leaves + Water

Different from all the detox water that I have recommended earlier. This detox water is alkaline but also rich in Vitamin C. Those with gastric problem no worries, you stomach will not give you any trouble. It is very refreshing and light. Adding ice cubes in it will be extra bonus.

  • Watermelon Detox Water


Ingredients: Watermelon + Peppermint leaves + Water

This drink are rich in glucose and vitamin. A best drink for summer. It can hydrate your body during the summer. It taste sweet and refreshing.  Watermelon is great for cleansing, weight loss and your health. Don’t let its lightness fool you, it’s packed with nutrition. Watermelon can also prevent wrinkles! Watermelon is high is lycopene. Lycopene helps slow down the effect of aging caused by the oxidation in your body that causes wrinkles and blemishes.

So, this is all the detox water that i have tried out and like it. Hope you all will like it too. Do let me know if there is others recipe for me to try out. Comment and recommend me if there is any better way to improve the detox water taste. I’ll love it.

Love, Jess

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