Ladies Best Friend – TONER

Hello everyone, welcome back to my blog. Today, I’ll wanna share a few ways to use toner in our daily life. If you are interested, please keep reading. I believe that every girl will have the basic skincare products in their drawer or vanity. Face cleanser, toner, and moisturizer is the most basic and simple products that  a person will  start off with before a more complex one. No matter how busy or lazy are you, I’ll bet that you will still have the toner with you. So, let us start the sharing and you will look at your toner differently from now.


As all of us know that toner is to moisture and hydrate our skin. It keep your skin pH balance. Our skin is naturally acidic, normally with a pH balance of between five and six. After cleansing, due to the alkaline nature of soap, the pH balance of skin gets disturbed. When this happens your skin needs to work overtime to restore the balance (and that may result in oil), but using a toner helps to restore this balance quickly. Besides, it also helps to protect our skin too. It is used to reduce the penetration of impurities and environmental contaminants into the skin. Of course, at last it freshen our skin as well.

Actually, there is many ways to fully utilizes our toner. The most common way for us to apply our toner is pat gently onto our face after the face wash, before we sleep or apply our make up. It will be the first step of our skincare routine. I believe, most of you here use toner as this way only. Don’t worry, I used to be like that too until I came across a post that shows me more than one ways to use toner.

The first way I’ll recommend you to try it out is use it as a lotion. Yes, you didn’t hear it wrong, I repeat, use it as a lotion. As we know toner is used to moisture and hydrate our skin and lotion do have the same function too. But why did we apply toner everyday but not lotion (maybe this is not you, but I’m a person who doesn’t like to apply lotion during the day). If I apply lotion during the day, I will feel uneasy due to the stickiness. But now, toner solved my problems. My body can be moisturized and hydrated just like my face too. People with dry skin I highly recommend this.


Toner as lotion

Next, you can use toner as your hair serum or mist. We often use hair oil for extra protection because of the ugly frizzy hair end. However, the hair oil sometimes can make our hair way too oily and greasy. Toner will then make a total different on it. Just pour a few drops out on your palm and rub it on the hair ends. To have a better effects on damage hair, just mix it with you favorite cream. You are now ready to go with beautiful hair.


Toner as hair serum

We all know that bath salts are good for our body. It helps to relax our tired body after a long day. Do you know that, actually toner can also be used as bath salt. For bath salts, we will pour a certain amount of it into the water and we will soak and bath with it. If I recommend you doing that with toner, I think all of us may just pour the whole bottle of toner in it. (At least, I’ll will… hahaha) Right after a hot bath or steam bath, I’ll pat my body with toner. As our pores may open up due to the heat, this is the good time for our body to absorbs all the essence. Just once a week for this, you can notice the body has turned extra soft.


Toner as bath salt

Lastly, the most common one use toner as a face mask. On a tired day, you just feel like falling asleep without doing anything on your face a toner face mask will help you with that. At least you still get to moisture your skin before the day come. Just purchase a bag of compressed face mask (can be purchase from Muji) that is good and affordable. Soak your favorite toner with the mask sheet until it open up and become a sheet mask. Just relax and fall asleep with your face being moisturized too.


Toner as face mask

Now, do you still think that toner is only for the face. I use all these tricks especially when I go travel. I wanna travel light and easy, with a bottle of my favorite toner I can leave my lotion, hair oil and also bath salts at home. I’ll also transfer my toner into a small spray bottle that I can bring on board and go all the places with me. No more excuse to leave your skin and body dry.

Of course, if all these tricks are used with an expensive toner you will feel waste. So, I will recommend you to use some of the affordable toner like Simple Soothing Facial TonerJuice Beauty Hydrating MistNourish Organic Refreshing and Balancing Face Toner, or any other toners that you feel is suitable for you just to use for this.

I hope this post do give you more choices to use your toner starting from now. Hope you enjoy reading it.

Love, Jess

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