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Hello everyone, welcome to my blog. Today I’ll be talking about makeup brushes. There are a lots of makeup brushes in the market and everyone of it has its own function. But, today I’m not writing to tell you about the functions of  brushes. I’m here to share with you THE KEY TO HAVE A PERFECT MAKEUP LOOK, which is A CLEAN MAKEUP BRUSH.

Let describe makeup brushes as human (I know it will be a bit silly). Let’s imagine if you have not bath for a day, you will definitely feel uncomfortable. Same concept on brushes, only a clean makeup brushes will perform better for you makeup. Thus, we have to ensure that our makeup brushes are always clean and ready to be used.


So, I’ll be discussing a few ways to keep your makeup tools clean. Cleansing your brush should be a regular routine. As for every use of yours, you will be picking up oil, dirt and bacteria. This might be the main reasons that cause your skin to be sensitive and built up new pimples. Keeping the brushes clean doesn’t mean have to wash it everyday. Our objective is to keep the brushes and tools hygiene with minimal amounts of dirt and bacteria. 

Q: How to minimize the trouble and times of washing brushes? 

This will be the main problem especially when we are creating a perfect eye look. To create a perfect and wonderful eye look, we often will layer it or mixing it with few colors. If we are using a same brush for this, it might cause the original color to be mix around and you doesn’t want this to happen. Thus, I’ll suggest to start with the lighter shade and end with the darker shade. Sometimes, the best tool can also be your fingers. You can always easily wiping off the dirt on your hand. If after every use we have to wash our brushes, it can be a bit frustrating. So, I’ll suggest to purchase some makeup brush cleaner that will not need to be rinse. I have reviewed the brush cleanser brand named Beauty So Clean or another choice will be Make Up For Ever Instant Brush Cleanser. Both products do clean my brushes well. I will recommend to spray the cleanser on the brush right after using it to wipe off the excess and it’s ready to use for the next. However, in the morning I’l be rushing for work. Thus, I often clean it before I start off my makeup.

Q: How to get the brushes and tools to dry faster? 

A high quality brush usually will be more difficult to dry due to the thick bristles of the makeup brush. After washing the brushes and puff, you may use a clean tissue to absorb the excess water first. After that, just dap it with a clean cloth and place it on the cloth letting it dry by itself. This might take a longer time. Another way to dry brushes will be hang it upside down and drying it (with the brush facing downwards). If we drying our brush the other way (brush facing upwards), it might cause the brush hair to loosen and fall. Keeping the brushes in shape is very important because it will affect the finishing look that we will get from the brush. Remember don’t speed up the drying process by using heater, hair dryer or drying it under the sun. It will cause the brushes to be out of shape and also causing the puff to be harden.

Q:How to keep the skincare brushes and tools clean? 

Skincare brushes and tools can be divide into two categories. First, is the normal cleansing brush or specific cleansing brush like blackheads cleansing brush. To clean a cleansing brush is much more easier. This is because we use the cleansing brush with our face cleanser together. Thus, rinsing it with water is already enough. While for the second one, will be tools like pimples extractor, toning device and so on. Don’t forget you use all these tools on the face, thus it have to be clean always. Especially for pimples extractor we have to ensure it is clean after every use. Cleaning skincare tools are much more easier. The most simple way is just to wipe it off with a clean wet cloth and then wipe it again with a clean dry cloth.

Q: How to clean makeup puff? 

This can be a big problem. Our makeup puff can get dirty very easily but it is not easy to clean it. Nowadays, cushion foundation, bronzer, blusher and so on are so in trend. However, after a few usage the puff inmediately turn to be dirty and ugly. You wanna replace the old puff with a new one but the cost for it is too high. Not to worry, I have a new trick for you to solve that problem. I saw a video in Wishtrend TV and it works great on cleaning all the dirty puff. This  video (How To Clean Makeup Sponge) really help me out a lot. In the video, they will use dish washer. I don’t like the dish washer smell and I feel like the puff I’m gonna use on my face (I’m gonna keep smelling it). Thus, I replace it with my body wash.

I hope with this post, you will now take care of your brushes and tools more. Sometimes a dirty brushes or tools is he cause of acne and trouble skin. The way to have a flawless makeup look start with a hygiene tools. It will not only help your skin to be better, it also help the makeup to stay well too.

Love, Jess

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