MUJI Haul 

Hello everyone , is been awhile I didn’t write a haul post. So today I’m gonna write a haul post about MUJI. If you are familiar with MUJI, you will probably know that they sell varieties of stuff from household to personal and even food. MUJI was founded in Japan in 1980 as an antithesis to the habits of consumer society at that time. MUJI is now available in Europe, Asia Pacific and North America. MUJI idea is to provide simplicity and high quality products. I love MUJI store concept so much. They provide products that are useful in a simple way but with high quality. The price range depends on the products materials and size. For me, the price is reasonable.

So, let cut short the stories and start our MUJI Haul. 😄



I find this cape is so practical, it can be styled with different ways. The first way I use it is as the above picture shown, the simplest one, just for some layering. Second way, I will use it as a scarf (wrap around my neck), especially during summer time. I’m a person will feel cold very fast. Clothes that is too thick will make me feel uncomfortable to walk around during the hot day. So, using it as a scarf will be like an accessory while you still get to warm up yourself when it’s cold. It consists of arm hole to prevent it from falling down. This cape material’s is linen. Thus, it will be suitable for spring and even summer for someone like me. It has few color selections and I bought it in Beige color. This go along so well with all my clothing. I’ll give it a five stars.


I bought this windbreaker just because of the offer. I find it’s good for travel since it can be fold into a small size. Reasons that made me purchase this is because of the lightweight and small size. It is made with fabrics that used for paraglider. Since the material is light, waterproof and also with a cap, I kept this in my bag as my raincoat too. The inner side of it also contains pocket to keep your valuable items. The bonus point is it can be fold and kept in the pocket itself. Whereby we no need to bring an extra bag just for it. I’ll  give this a five stars too.




This toner is very light but moisturizing. I love it because it doesn’t give me any sticky feeling after applying it on the face. I still use my usual toner for my skincare routine. I transfer this into a spray bottle and use it as a mist for extra hydration. Read my post about toner to know the ways that I utilize my toner. It give me a very strong citrus smell which is very refreshing. The packaging as shown in the picture is very simple. The price for this is very reasonable. I’ll give this a five stars. They have total four range of skincare: Balancing, Sensitive, Organic and Antiaging.



This body milk contains purslane extract and grapefruit seed extract as natural skin protection ingredients, and provides plenty of moisture for sensitive skin that is prone to dryness. It is also fragrance free, artificial color free, and mineral oil free. It doesn’t have any special smell. This lotion is also very light and non-sticky at all. It can be used during the day and night. I’ll give this a four stars.



I bought this product is just because of my curiosity. The sales girl told me that it is a nail oil to protect the nail. The oil smells like citrus to me. It’s a very pleasant smell. After applying the oil, your nail will look shinny. The product is only 3.6ml, but it can last quite long if you use it wisely. The have another similar products in pink color, that is for the nail as your top coat after applying your nail polish. I’ll give this a four stars.

Cosmetic Tools

  • Loose Powder Puff

This puff with is very fine with a soft texture. I think this size fits into the most of the loose powder case. Excellent powder loading and the perfect bristle flexibility provides a beautiful makeup finish. It can be a dupes for expensive loose powder puff.

  • Sponge Makeup Puff

The shape of this sponge makes it easy to finish makeup around the eyes and the wings of the nose. This pack of sponge contains in two shape which are diamond shape and triangular shape. The packet contain total 30 of sponges. I usually will use the same puff for few times. I’ll cut the use part and store it in a small container for the next use. The price for puff is consider reasonable for the quality.

Cosmetic Accessories  

  • Compressed Face Mask

When you wanna make your own face mask, this product may help. The product will expand to a full size face mask that you can use for 10 – 15 minutes to increase the effectiveness of your cosmetic products. It will expand and open up after you soaked with your cosmetic products or homemade liquid that wanna use for mask. It is made from non-woven cotton. It is easy to carry around due to the compressed size. Read my toner post to know how I used it.

  • Under Eye Patches


These very unique health & beauty products are made of non-woven cotton pulp. Non-woven fabrics are flat, porous sheets that are made directly from separate fibers, for maximum absorbency. These pads can be used with your favorite eye cream or moisturizer for a concentrated treatment. Add your chosen lotion to the eye mask until it has soaked through. Place under the eyes for 5-10 minutes. It works quite similar with the compressed face mask. Sometimes I’ll use it on target parts like check or forehead or maybe nose as targeted treatment.

That’s all for my Muji Haul. I hope you enjoy reading it. To know more about Muji, click here. They provide varieties of products. I’ll give Muji a full stars.

Love, Jess

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