Makeup Fixing Hacks

Hello everyone, welcome back to my blog. Hope that all of you are doing well. Excuse me for being away from my blog for a week because I’m busy enjoying my life in Shanghai, China. 😁 I’m there about a week for a short family vacation. It’s a nice and lovely country.


Photo of me in Shanghai Disneyland

Summer in Shanghai is just too hot and dry. My skin becomes dehydrated and thus more oil is produced. Travelling requires you to walk a lot, so I’m being exposed to the hot sun all the time. The worst thing during travelling is that your body might be dehydrated because lacking of water. This will cause your skin to be extra dry and cause the makeup to be cakey. So, remember to drink enough of water all the time. Makeup tend to melt faster under the hot sun. Fixing the makeup is a must especially you wanna be presentable and pretty all the time. However, the techniques to maintain and fixing the makeup also very important. The nightmare of fixing the makeup is that, it becomes thicker and thicker. This is because you are trying to cover the flaw and thus layering more and more layer of makeup. This can cause your skin to be tired and non-breathable. Actually steps to fix the makeup is very easy and simple. Today, I’ll share with you guys the tips and steps I used to fix my makeup. If you are interested please keep reading. 😊


  • A clean face tissue / paper tissue 

Some people will like to use blotting paper to absorbs excess oil from the face. Yes, it can absorbs the oil quickly without leaving any trace marks. However, I’ll choose to use a clean face tissue to do that job for me. Blotting paper sometimes will over absorbs the oil and can cause the face to produce more oil especially for my skin types that is oily but dehydrated. To absorbs oil, I will use a face tissue and dab lightly on my face. (Remember is dab lightly not rub). After that, I’ll use powder (any kind of face powder that you like or have) again lightly dab (either using the brush or puff) it on top of the face tissue that place on your face. I find this tricks kinda useful for me.

  • Moisturizer

I’ll always have a small moisturizer in my makeup bag. It’s very handy and useful. It’s better to keep a moisturizer that’s moisturizing but not oily. The one I have is a Ho Balm from 3CE a Korean brand. Just apply lightly on the place you wanna fix the makeup. Sometimes I even used the balm to fix my smudge eyeliner. It’s better than any makeup remover (you no need to worry about washing off the remover). Using a moisturizer before reapply your makeup will cause the makeup to last longer. If your favorite moisturizer comes in a big tube or bottle, just transfer it to a small container and bring it with you all the time.  Other choice you can have is use your lip balm as the moisturizer. The lip balm can be a bit oily but it still can do that job. 3CE Ho Balm is the best it can be used as all purposes balm. Read my full review on 3CE Ho Balm.


  • Setting powder or setting spray

Now, you have moisturized and fix the makeup. But a gentle reminder here, don’t reapply your makeup on the whole face. This will not last long instead it will cause you too look too tired due to the cakey and thick makeup. Just reapply and fix the makeup at where it requires. After you have done all, use very little setting powder to remove excess oil and set the makeup. If your skin isn’t too oily, a makeup setting spray is even enough for your makeup to last. My favorite makeup setting spray is from Make Up Forever, Mist & Fix Setting Spray. Read my full review on Make Up Forever Mist & Fix Setting Spray.

So, that’s how I fix my makeup all the times. I hope you did gain something from this post.

Hope you enjoy reading.

Love, Jess

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