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Hello everyone, welcome to my blog. Today I just wanna share with you girls about my all time favorite YouTubers. They all are my beauty gurus, inspiration and many more. I did learn a lot form them, they are all about beauty, fashion, daily life and so on. As a beauty and fashion junkies how can you not follow or subscribe their channel. If you’re a true beauty-lover, you might already know some of them. So, not to be selfish, I wanna share this with you girls!!!

  • Michelle Phan


Michelle Phan is a Vietnamese-American. Michelle’s videos have been viewed more than 1 billion times, making her one of the most watched talents in the digital space. She is my first subscribed beauty YouTuber. Michelle is the co-founded of ipsy, the world’s largest and most passionate online beauty community. Besides that, Michelle has teamed up with cosmetics titan L’Oreal to launch her own make-up line em Michelle Phan. She also owned a website named Michelle Phan. 

Her videos are not only about beauty and fashion but many more like Career Talk, Trends Report, Pillow Talk, Mastering The Art Of…., and a lot of inspiration videos. She is good at beauty transformation too. I love her videos about Trends Report and Mastering The Art Of…, I can learn so much about latest update stuff from there. While she makes fewer beauty videos these days, she’s more focused on developing businesses and careers. | YouTube Channel: Michelle Phan

  • Jenn Im (Clothesencounters)


Jenn is a Korean-American that are born and raised in Los Angeles. Clothes Encounters is her YouTube channel name and is a vlog of style musings, tutorials and lifestyle advice. Recently, Jenn has teamed up with ColourPop for her makeup collection, Jenn Ne Sais Quoi. Her collection is fun and vibrant, and includes both lip and eye products.

Her videos are usually about beauty tutorials, travels & vlogs, monthly favorites, fashions and hauls. I like the way she film her vlogs and also her fashion and outfits look book. She has a really good sense of fashions and beauty. The best reference for your latest daily outfits trends. I’ll never miss any of her videos. | YouTube Channel: Clothesencounters

  • Stephanie Villa (SoothingSista)


Stephanie a Chinese and Spanish YouTuber that shares edgier beauty vlogs. She was born in Vancouver, Canada but grew up in the Bay Area of California. Her channel name Soothing Sista is inspired from a tea called Soothing Sista. Jenn Im and Stephanie are best friend. You can always see them appearing together in many of their videos.

Stephanie videos are more on daily or travel vlogs and monthly favorites. Her makeup tutorials is very less, but she does share about beauty products. She also share a lots on fashion and hauls. If you like giveaway, you better subscribe to her channel. She will always held giveaway on her channel.

  • Karen Yeung (IAMKARENO)


Karen was born in Hong Kong and moved to US when she was eight. She is then raised in the Bay Area in California. She is now based is Los Angeles. In year 2015, she began to work with ipsy as a stylist. She started her first YouTube video in year 2013 but in this short time she has earned over 1 million subscribers on YouTube.

Karen’s YouTube channel IAMKARENO is about fashion, beauty and lifestyle. Her YouTube channel slogan of “Red Trends for the Cheeky Girl” is indicative of the “toughness of the city and the lax suburban lifestyle” style she is influenced by.  You must watch the creative and fun ways she film and produce her video. All her videos will never be the same, there’s always something new. The unique ways of her fashion sense will amaze you. You will never get bored with her. | YouTube Channel: IAMKARENO

  • Chloe Ting


Chloe was born in Brunei but settled much of her life in Melbourne, Australia. She is a lifestyle, fashion and travel blogger and YouTuber. She began blogging to showcase her love of fashion while working as a analyst. Apart from appearing at local and international fashion events, you can catch more of Chloe on her YouTube channel as well as on insiteTV’s YouTube channel called “Chloe’s Fashion Life”. She also has her own webiste name Chloe Ting (Fashion | Lifestyle | Travel).

Chloe’s videos are more abut fitness, travel, healthy diet and some random outfit look book. Her fitness and workout videos are the best. It’s easy to learn and can be done on daily basis too. I love her travel vlog the most, I’ll never miss it. It’s so beautiful, not only the scenery but also her. Watching her travel vlog making me wanna travel there as well. | YouTube Channel: Chloe Ting

  • Jeniffer Kim (meejmuse)

photo (1)

Jen (Jeniffer) was born to her South-Korean parents in Sydney, Australia. She is a full-time beauty guru on YouTube also known as meejmuse who also gives live conferences and seminars around Korea. After moving to Korea, she started working as a live TV reporter for a segment called K-Style on an English morning news show called Korea Today that broadcasts around the world.

Her channel can be fun and interesting if you are a Korean beauty junkies. Her video will not only making you know more about Korean beauty products but also will bring you and walk around Korea. Her K-Beauty Reviews series is the best, whereas she will review and compare most of the Korean products from high-end to low-end. In her channel, you can find fashion, vlogs, beauty and also fun stuff. If you are a Korean junkies, highly recommend you to watch her videos. | YouTube Channel: meejmuse

Here you go, my favorite YouTubers. This is only part of my favorite YouTubers, I have a lot more in my list. If you are interested to know who else are in my favorite YouTubers list or maybe you wanna know some other YouTubers that are not English based,  please comments and let me know. Then I’ll again do another Favorite YouTubers Tags.

Hope you enjoy reading.

Love, Jess

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