Sunscreen : You Need to Know

Hello everyone, welcome to my blog. Today our topic will be sunscreen or you called it sunblock. Sunscreen is a must have items in my beauty bucket list. I’m a person that like to travel around. Whenever there’s holiday, I’ll definitely book a trip to exploring new places like a beach, a city or a village. I just love to walk and chilling around. As a travel lover and also an Asian, one thing that you can’t miss is the sunscreen. It’s not only giving your skin a healthy look, but it’s a protection for your skin.


  • Re-apply sunscreen anytime

Apply sunscreen before we leaving the house is a common things that we do everyday. However, that is not enough, especially if we are travelling or chilling by the beach or pool side. The sweat will eventually melt off everything. I deally is to re-apply our sunscreen every two – three hours. But, how should we re-apply our sunscreen if we are wearing makeup? (I can’t remove all of the makeup just to apply sunscreen again) Here you go, we have the spray type sunscreen to solve all our problem. I have the Cyber Colors  Brightense Whitening UV Protect Spray SPF50 PA+++ from SaSa. It’s only US$16.50 for 150ml which I can use up to 6 months. Another choice is the Premium Tomato Cool & Dry Sun Spray SPF50+ PA+++ form Skin Food a Korean brand. It’s much more easier to carry around than the Cyber Colors one since it’s smaller in size. With a spray type sunblock, you can just spray all over your face to body whenever you need it.

  • Using the correct sunscreen

There are lots of different types of sunscreen or sunblock in the market. Every of them comes in different SPF. It is not necessary to use high SPF all the time, it depends on where will you be. In the summer, I’ll suggest to use a sunscreen that is higher than SPF3O. If you will be exploring to the sun a lot or will stay in the outdoor during afternoon than you may choose a sunblock that is at least SPF50. On the other side, if you only will be staying in the office or indoor, a sunscreen with SPF20-30 is sufficient for you. Choosing the right sunscreen or sunblock is very important, the wrong one will sometimes cause damage to your skin.


  • Applying proper amount of sunscreen

Amount of sunscreen should be enough to cover your whole face or even until your neck if you want. Don’t try to save your products by just applying it a little. The purpose of sunscreen is to protect our skin, if the sunscreen is not enough to cover and protect our skin then why do we use it.


Hope you enjoy reading my post.

Love, Jess

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