Sunshine Blogger Award Nomination

Hello everyone, welcome to my blog. I’m so excited that I’m being nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award by Anna M. Park, the writer of Style Under Pressure. I really appreciate for the award. The Sunshine Blogger Award is a blogger-to-blogger award, by bloggers for bloggers who inspire with a positive message. 🙂


I stared blogging in this year March. From then, life has changed to be a little more fun with blogging and social. Blogging has made my life to be more interesting and occupied. Before I started a blog, I’m just a little girl who go through other bloggers and youtubers channel. Indirectly they do give me some inspiration and motivation to start of the one of my own. I can say that I’m kinda happy and proud (LOL!!!) to survive and growth in this field.

I really love blogging especially about the things that I love and passion about. It bring me to another level of life. Although I’m not a full time of it, but I do gain a lot from blogging. I get the chance to attend different beauty events (#SephoraMYTurns5Cosmobeauté Asia 2016), my creativeness and writing skills definitely do improve and most important of all is I do get the chance to share and get connected with all of the beauties around the world.

So thank you for visiting my blog. I really appreciate it. Every time, the comments and likes from all of you really motivates me. (So, KEEP LIKING AND COMMENT!!! :D) I’m working harder to share every single things of mine with all of you.

Oh ya! Remember my tagline Be Confident • Be Beautiful! No matter what situation is it or how the way you look, if you are confidence enough with yourself, YOU ARE ALWAYS BEAUTIFUL!


The rules of this award are to answer the nominator’s questions and write different questions and then nominate other bloggers. Here are questions for me from Anna (she is really a good writer since she used to work as an editor, go give her blog a visit):

  1. Why and how did you get into blogging?
    • I really wanted to start a blog long time ago (but I just didn’t get the chance and confidence for it). So, on a very bored day, I just try to write up a foundation review. Who knows that post  (Perfect Skin One Shot Cover Stick Foundation) did get a good feedback. So it all started there.
  2. What is your favorite beauty product and why?
  3. What is the one makeup product you’d take with you on a desert island?
  4. What is the one skin care product you’d take with you on a desert island, other than sunscreen?
    • A face mist!!! I’m lovin with face mist so much. Just can’t live without it. LOL… It keeps my face fresh and hydrated and of course prime my make up well. I love the one from Melvita Damask Rose Floral Water.
  5. Clothes or beauty and why?
    • Clothes or beauty??? I choose both!!! But if really need a choice I choose clothes, because I’m confidence with my natural beauty look.
  6. A recent beauty buy regret.
  7. A recent beauty discovery (product, technique, blog, etc.)
    • Origins new launched products and I’m still trying it. Read my Origins New Launched post to know more.
  8. Favorite beauty blogger of all time and why.
  9. Your dream job.
    • My dream job… A beauty entrepreneur!!! Wish one day I could create my own brand. Wish me luck!
  10. Name an obstacle, problem, or discouraging situation you encountered as a blogger, and how did you overcome it?
    • I find that new blogger like us has very limited chance to do a campaigns or collaborations or even affiliate. I’m really working hard with it.

My Blogger Nominations 

  1. Beautifulbuns
  2. Kathy Lei
  3. Lê Wendy
  4. Ryanraroar
  5. Jenny Loves Beauty

My Questions for Nominees 

  1. Where is your blog name from?
  2. What do you love from blogging?
  3. What is your blog goal?
  4. Where is your blog inspiration from?
  5. What is your favorite quotes?
  6. What is your favorite beauty products for skin care and make up?
  7. List three of your favorite beauty products brand.
  8. Tell us one of your makeup hacks.
  9. What beauty products that you will carry with you all the time?
  10. What is your dream?

Once again, thank you girls so much for the support all the time. Oh, before this I did being nominated for the Libster Award too. go give this a read: Libster award!!! Yay!!!

Hope you enjoy reading.

 Love, Jess

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