Healthy and Beauty Lifestyle

Hello everyone, welcome to my blog! Today topic is about beauty and health. You look amazing, thanks to your radiant skin, lustrous hair, and sparkly white teeth. Of course you’ll look more gorgeous and stunning with the makeup on but a healthy body is always the key. So make sure to appreciate your beauty by taking care of your health! As an Asian Chinese, I always being questions how do I keep myself slim and beauty. Today, I’m gonna take this chance to share with you girls my secret tips!


  1. Tea after meal
    • Is our culture that we’ll have tea after our usual meal. Tea is well known for digestive health. It helps to relieve the stomach gas and increase the activity of digestive enzymes. We have different selection of Chinese tea (Green Tea, Oolong Tea, White Tea, Black Tea, Flower Tea, Pu’er Tea,…). In my opinion, Chinese Tea is better for digestion and diet. The flavor is strong enough that doesn’t require us to add any additional ingredients, which is much healthier. English Tea usually go well with sugar or milk.1460964781gjkvhm
  2. Daily intake of fruits
    • Fruits are always being recognized as good source of vitamins and minerals. So, daily intake of fruits will definitely boost your immune systems. No matter what types of fruit you are having, it will still keep you healthy and radiant. But, make sure you do take varieties of fruit. ad2e0c52-fb93-4177-83ce-f89f97203bf8
  3.  Foot reflexology 
    • Foot massage!!! Oh ya… It’s my love!!! Do you know that foot massage actually contains a lot of health benefits? It helps to improve of body circulation, reduces the effects of depression and anxiety, and lowers our body pressure too. People with migraines and headaches showed great improvement after a reflexology treatment. Ladies, you gonna love this. Foot reflexology does helps to alleviate symptoms of PMS and menopause. In my country, I can get foot reflexology treatment very easily with a cheap price. The cheapest one can go until US 8 dollar for 1 hour of treatment. footmassage-1
  4. Several small meals a day
    • I find that this trick works the best for girls who wanna be on diet. I don’t trust on any diet products or by fasting myself can reduce the weight and still be healthy. Having enough of food and nutrition for our body is very important. Studies shown that eat breakfast within one hour of rising, eat every three hours, and stop eating three hours before bedtime work the best for our body. This ritualized way of eating increases BMR (baseline metabolic rate), increases energy levels, and decreases appetite, among other things. My everyday meal will be heavy for breakfast and light for lunch and dinner. In between a day, I’ll still eat the food that I like. (Breakfast*heavy → Brunch*salad/cereal/oat → Lunch*light but make sure enough for a day → Tea*fruits/cookies/cake/bread → Dinner*light, not over full → Supper*if you are really hungry, fruits/oat) image-20150629-1386-10g94xy

Lets get healthy and pretty together. ❤

Hope you enjoy reading.

 Love, Jess

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