2016 Taiwan Beauty Power Networking in Malaysia

Hello everyone, good day to all of you. I’m here to tell you that on 22 August 2016 (Monday) there will be a small Taiwan Beauty Fair in Kula Lumpur, Malaysia. The event title is “2016 Taiwan Beauty Power Networking in Malaysia“. This event will start from 9:30AM to 3:30PM. It will be held at Mahkota II &III (Ballroom Level, Istana Hotel KL). Taiwan beauty lover make sure you don’t miss it.

Taiwan beauty brands recently have bloomed very fast through out the world due to it’s advanced technology and worldwide-recognized high product quality. Me, myself have tried a few Taiwan beauty products and I really love. The Taiwanese cosmetic branded-companies have unite together to establish the “Taiwan Beauty Alliance – A New Era of Beauty”.

Taiwan Beauty Event_EDM_Invitation

The products of alliance members possess some of the following five major features: biotechnological, medical, innovative, fashion-forward and green. Since the medical technology in Taiwan is perceived as the top in Asia, third in the world, and Taiwan is also known for its high-tech industry, making use of the strict factory procedure, it is undoubtedly confident for the local industry to create a professional beauty brand with safe and effective products.

Alliance Brands

There will be total of 11 Taiwanese brands in this event. Both new and long-standing brands are among these 11 members. For example, 76-years-old Cellina is a collective memory among Taiwanese people. On the other hand, 23.5°N has been a rising star by making good use of Taiwanese manufacturing process. Other alliance members are Naruko, founded by Niuer, the godfather of Taiwanese beauty industry, Maskingdom creatively integrates elements from aboriginal tribes with their cosmetics masks. Three more members are Yuan which is famous for its excellent herbal application, Dr.Jou’s masks gain high popularity in Asia, while Neogence combines dermatology and bio-tech perfectly.  Last but not least, PSK’s Pearl Cream has been sold more than 1,000 times the height of Taipei 101 building (508 kilometers). Dr. Wu has established its status as Taiwan’s number 1 dermatological brand. For Beloved One’s bio fiber mask has laid a solid foundation for a successful brand.

This is the very first time that excellent Taiwanese brands have united in an alliance to explore the overseas market together aiming to grow its popularity and to gain cooperation opportunity in Malaysia.

“Taiwan Beauty Alliance” is organized by the Bureau of Foreign trade, MOEA and implemented By TAITRA. Based on 5 qualifications, including creativity, brand strength, MIT (Made in Taiwan), number of certifications won, and its potential in the overseas markets, 11 companies are selected to form the “Taiwan Beauty Alliance”.  The core values of “Taiwan Beauty Alliance” is that beautiful Taiwanese makes excellent products by utilizing local factory procedure on this wonderful land.

“Taiwan Beauty Alliance” List

NO. English Company Name Brand Name
1 Beauty Essentials Ltd. NARUKO
2 Biotiction Era Co., Ltd. FOR BELOVED ONE
3 Dr. JouBio tech Corp DR.JOU
5 Hair O’right International Corp. O’RIGHT
6 Herdsman Enterprise Co., Ltd. PSK, BEANNE
7 Gettingpoints Biotechnology Inc. NEOGENCE
8 Shen Hsiang Tang Co., Ltd. CELLINA
9 Tenart Biotech Limited MASKINGDOM
10 The one cosmetic International Co., Ltd. 23.5°N
11 Yuan Workshop Co., Ltd. YUAN

Isn’t it sounds exciting for you to join this fun event? Come and join me at this event on 22 August 2016, Monday. Don’t miss out this chance!!! The event is free admission but please make pre-registration first: https://goo.gl/forms/V3G3L6fKgPFZVy1X2.

Don’t forget to mention my blog (So I’m Jess) or confront me when you are there!!! See you there!!! ❤

Hope you enjoy reading my post.

Love, Jess

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