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Hello everyone, it’s product review time again. Do you still remember the feminine care set by Dale’s Aesthetic that I introduced previously on my Cosmobeauté Asia 2016 post? I have try out the products and I’m really loving it! So I decided to share it with all of you.

Dale’s Aesthetic is a brand that provides products to enhances women’s health. The team of health professionals carefully select products that are safe, effective and good for every single use. It’s origin from Taiwan. Dale’s Aesthetic products are marketed and sold in over 10 countries and loved by many beauty and clinical professionals. They do have different range of products but VERGINALE (VG) Feminine Private Part Care Set is currently the products that I’m using. Their products (VG’s Private Part Care Products) harness the benefits of natural ingredients and plant extracts and absolutely do not contain any chemical, drug or antibiotic.

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Women’s Health Cannot be Ignored 

Ladies feminine part are very sensitive, it has to be hygiene all the time. I have the practice of using hygienic feminine wash everyday. The one that I have been using is from the drugstore, so it definitely contains some chemicals in it even though it’s stated pH low. In general, female’s private part pH level falls between 3 – 6. The improper use of cleaning products may destroy the weakly acidic environment of women’s intimate part, causing itchiness and lack of water, losing resilience and nourishment that could eventually even lead to vaginitis and cervicitis. The reason why I wanna try this product out is due to their natural ingredients that being produce without using any chemicals or drugs.

As time and lifestyle changes, a higher occurrence of gynecological problems for women is found in younger age groups in the past ten years. A closer look shows over 60% of women have sought for medical treatment due to gynecological trouble. The intimate part of female is very tender, where high temperature and humid environment could easily turn it into the breeding bed for bacteria. Fortunately that the intimate part of women can maintain to stays at a weak-acid environment and forms a natural immune protection. Nonetheless such natural protection will gradually decline year by year when one reaches the age of 30. Particularly before and after the menstruation and during the pregnancy, there is opening to the cervix that allows easy entrance for bacteria Moreover, the average base soap and medical cleaning products also damage the weak-acid environment of the intimate -part of women, which needs to be used with special care.

VG’s feminine care products consists of VG Feminine Cleaning Mousse, VG Feminine Cleanse Mist, VG Feminine Cleanse and VG Balance Cream. These products contain plant based isoflavones (polyphenolic compounds that are capable of exerting estrogen-like effects) which helps to recuperate hormonal changes, regain a female’s youth and is also a tanned girl’s complete way of improvement! Their products is using pure natural plant ingredients which are 100% soap-free and does not contains any medicine.

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VG’s Feminine Private Care Products

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  • VG Feminine Cleaning Mousse
  • VG Feminine Cleanse Mist
  • VG Feminine Cleanse
  • VG Balance Cream

Certifications of Products

Their products are worldwide recognized and have international certification. Thus, you may use it safely without any doubts. Besides that, for our Muslims friends, good new for you is their products do follow Islamic laws which are Halal.

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After using the whole set for a certain period, I’m really loving it. It doesn’t cause any allergy or side effects to me. I love the VG Balance Cream the most and I almost used it every night. I use it on my tight to reduce the cellulite appearance. Besides, I also used it on my whole body. The best part is it’s not stick at all. My skin have a big improvement after using it. As for the cleansing, I like to use the VG Feminine Cleaning Mousse. It’s very foamy and light. My V part used to be itchy sometimes, but after using it I find that the problems has reduced or maybe gone. For the VG Feminine Cleanse, its purpose is for a deeper cleanse which I feel that using it once a month is enough. However, you may also use it once a week for a better results as it mention. A big note to those who are pregnant, it is not suitable for you to use. For the VG Feminine Cleanse Mist, I usually will spray it on my inner wear for a fresh feeling and to keep it clean after a long day.

Wanna know more about Dale’s Aesthetic, visit their official site Dale’s Aesthetic or their Facebook Page. All the information above can be found in their VERGINALE Catalog. All products are safe to use for all age (the managing director even told me that it’s suitable to use it on a baby skin). For pregnant lady, you may use all three products except the VG Feminine Cleanse.

Interested to try it on your own, leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you. (*Right now their stores only ships to Southeast Asia, so if you are reading my blog and wanna try it out, I may contact them on your behalf. )

Hope you enjoy reading my post.

Love, Jess

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