STEAM PATCH!!! Kao Good-Night Neck & Shoulder Steam Patch

Hello everyone, welcome back to my blog. Previously, I have introduce to you the KAO MEGRHYTHM STEAM EYE MASK and I really love it. It put me into sleep so easily. Thus, I decided to give the Kao Good-Night Neck & Shoulder Steam Patch a try too. It works exactly the same as the steam eye mask, only difference is this for the neck or shoulder.


Warms up your tired back with the steam hot patches. The steam and warmth relax your back, and have a nice sleep! This Steaming Patch is a direct stick-on warming patch aims at soothing and easing soreness fatigue in the neck and shoulder muscles. It offers a comfortable warming feeling (around 40℃), which can effectively enhance blood circulation and hence help relieve muscle tension mounted by work or routine activities. The patch is odor-less and the thin, stretchy texture fits firmly and easily to the skin without burden. The heat can sustain up to 30 min which is perfect for whole night sleep.


As the figure shows it’s not only for the neck and shoulder. It can be used on many other places when your muscle is tensed and tired.


It comes in two scents. Unscented (on the left) and lavender scent (on the right).



Front packaging


Back packaging


Front view of the steam patch


The back view of steam patch. It’s cover with a layer of plastic paper film.


The red circled part is the sticker (to be stick on your body). The iron plate are placed in the middle part of the patch.

* If you wanna know the details of how the heat is being produced go click my KAO MegRhythm Steam Eye Mask review. It’s all stated in the post.

This steam patch did work as it stated. It did keep the part where I stick at feeling warm. It is just like the steam eye mask. The front and back of the steam patch is cover with a layer of soft cotton. The iron plate is placed in between at the middle of the patch. The sticker are on the both right and left side (as the picture above circled) for you to stick on the part as needed. Once you remove the plastic paper film, you can immediately feel the steam. The sticker is not irritating at all. Overall, I’m happy that the material doesn’t cause me to feel any irritation or sensitivity. While for the heat, it is stated that it may last for about 30 minutes with 40 ℃. However, I can’t really feel the heat as Steam Eye Mask does. This maybe my skin is a bit thick (LOL) as I stick it on top of my stomach. I prefer to use this on my stomach especially during my menstrual period. It does help to relieves a bit and yes, you may sleep with it.

Will I repurchase? No. I feel that the heat is not really long lasting and I can’t really feel much as I have expected. The Steam Eye Mask is much more worth than this (maybe area around the eyes is much more tender, so I can get the steamy feeling more).

Wanna give this product a try, purchase it at Hermo (RM23.90, 5 pieces) or Amazon (USD 13.67, 14 pieces).

Hope you enjoy reading my post.

Love, Jess

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