Japan Horse Oil (Bahyu) Lip Balm

Hello everyone, hope you have a nice day. Today I’m gonna review to you the Japan Horse Oil (Bahyu) Lip Balm from my Japan Beauty Haul post.

In my Japan Beauty Haul post, I have already explain what  exactly horse oil products’ are. Over here, I’ll just add a few more information about the Horse Oil.

Info from previous post: 

Horse oil (BAHYU) is oil obtained from horse fat just like other animal oil such as lard from pig fat or lanolin from sheep wool. It is 100% natural and additive free. For centuries in Japan BAHYU has been widely known as a home remedy for burns, dry skin, cuts, chapped skin and hemorrhoids. BAHYU has been used safely without a doctor’s prescription, as it can be used in food and there are no side effects. Traditional Chinese medicines also recommend using BAHYU to treat eczema and acne.

Are horses slaughtered only to obtain the oil? No. Horse oil is obtained from horses that are slaughtered for food. Traditionally Japanese people have a custom of eating horse meat. Fats from the horse meat are used to produce BAHYU. They DO NOT slaughter horses only to obtain the horse oil.

Do they use racing horses to obtain the oil? No. Racing horses are not used for BAHYU. Only horses that are raised for food are used for the oil. Horse meat is monitored by Public Health Department to meet safety standards and fats from the edible horse meat are used to obtain the oil. 

*All product from horse oil are not classified as cruelty-free.

Benefits of Horse Oil
  • known for its healing properties and highly moisturizing capabilities
  • helps strengthen and regenerating the moisture barrier of the skin, preventing dry skin
  • composition of the fatty acids in horse oil are fairly similar to human oil (sebum) and therefore, it can penetrate more quickly into your skin
According to a Japanese article  “馬油による皮膚の保湿効果の検討” published in Nishinihon Journal of Dermatology, Vol. 66; No 6; pp. 621-624 (2004).
” The Moisturising effect on the skin of horse oil that resembles the fatty acid composition of human sebum and contains a large amount of linoleic acid was investigated. Horse oil applied to seven healthy females was shown to increase water and oil content in the horny layer. Examinations of the fatty acid compositions of the oil remaining on the surface of the skin two hours after the application revealed a clear decrease in linoleic acid content. The increase in water and oil content in the skin due to local application of horse oil was an important contribution to the structure of the skin to maintain its function as a barrier, mainly as a result of absorption of linoleic acid by the skin. These findings indicate that horse oil as a preparation for external use is suitable for maintaining the health and moisture of skin through per-cutaneous administration.”

Japan Horse Oil (Bahyu) Lip Balm



Since I can’t understand Japanese, so I can’t tell what’s written on the description (If you do understand please tell me too… thanks 🙂For simply understanding, it’s stated that the product is free of fragrances, parabens, mineral oil and dyes. Besides, it also stated that it’s made out of 99.9% of natural ingredients.


The first things that I wanna mention is the smell. Although it’s made out of horse oil, but it doesn’t give any smell or scent of horse (oil). So, don’t be afraid to give it a try. It doesn’t show off any color, just like a normal lip balm. I have very sensitive and dry lip. Thank god that this product doesn’t cause me to have any irritation. It moisturized my dry and chapped  lip really well. By applying it a few times in a day, I can see a big difference for my chapped lip. The texture of the lip balm is very moisturizing but it’s not waxy. I doesn’t like any lip products that give me a waxy feeling. I can say that I like the texture of this lip balm. It doesn’t contains any SPF in it. But it’s okay for me, because I’ll always apply another layer of my lipstick after this lip balm. I always own a lip balm that without SPF for me to use at night. This lip balm works best at night or in a cold condition due to its high moisturizing properties. The packaging is very simple.

If you are travelling to Japan, I will recommend you to give the horse oil products a try. The price of it is also not that expensive.

Due to the communication problems, I’ll suggest you to show the pharmacist or sales person picture of the products that you want.  You can fully trust the products that recommend by the pharmacist in Japan. I have personally try a few medication products from them and it does really works and solved my problems. 

Hope you enjoy reading my post.

Love, Jess

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