A Complete Guide to Mascara Wands & Their Benefits

Hello everyone, welcome back to my blog. Hope everyone of you have a nice day ahead. 🙂 Are you guys just like me? Any shape of the mascara wands doesn’t matter for me, as long as it’s a mascara that I can apply on my eye lashes. But, there is just too many types of mascara in the market!

There was a time when the shape of your mascara wand didn’t mean a thing. Straight and narrow, that was the way. Now we’re seeing spoolie shapes that feature curves and cones, spikes, push-up wings, and even cup-shaped bristles—each of which delivers a unique lash effect from curling and volumizing, to lengthening, multiplying and even clumping, if that’s what you’re into.

I read an article from Makeup.com and is all about types of mascara. That article has given me a very useful tips that I would like to share.

So, if you’re re-thinking your mascara choices, read on to see if you’re using the right wand for the lashes of your dreams.


A new trend in town, Twiggy-esque spider lashes has been making regular appearance on runways, social feeds, and celeb’s faces. If serious drama is your cup of tea, the Spider Spike Brush works to sweep on the bold volume and maximum length, while the tapered tips is used for applying mascara to your corners.

Mega volume. Mega plush. That’s what we like to hear when someone  is describing your eyelashes. And with a Flexor Brush this full and plump, you can expect every single lash to be coated with mascara for mega volume, thickness and body. BOOM!!!

The winged lashes, look for a winged wand! The exclusive “Push Up” winged brush sweep lashes to thee side, while lifting and plumping from thee roots for a voluminous, winged arch. So, you can bat your lashes without worrying about your falsies coming off.

Doll-like lashes without a lash curler – is it really possible? The custom C-curl brush lifts each lash for the perfect curl and thickness without the perpetual worry of pinching off your lashes.

Sometimes a gal  just wanted a well-defined lashes with zero-clumps. For natural long-looking lashes, this “Wiper” brush deliver the perfect amount of formula to each lash without clumps, bumps or undesirable lumps!

And on and opposite note, sometimes you just want to unleash chaotic, clumpy lashes when the occasions call for it. A teaser brush such as this one has the same effect on your lashes as a testing brush for your hair. we mean BIG volume, plump, purposefully unorganized lashes. Call us a hot mess. We’ll take it as a compliment.

Uhm, who doesn’t want lots and lots (and lots) of lashes? The unique, heart-shaped brush reached each and every lashes to multiply impact. Get ready for those “WOW, are those your real lashes?” comments.

This spoolie does for your lashes what stilettos does for your legs – elongates! The Grip & Extended Brush grasps each lash and extend for every angle for 70% longer looking lashes. Well we’ll continue to wish for longer legs, lashes will also do.

Which wand work best for your lashes needs?

Share your favorite mascara and spoolie shape in the comments below! I’ll go for a try too!!!

Hope you enjoy reading my post.

Love, Jess

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