Online Shopping with Watsons Malaysia

Hello everyone, welcome back to my blog. I’m not sure about you guys, but I have the habit of shopping online. Recently, Watsons has opened their online shop and what can be more happy about this. Now, you can purchase Watsons stuff without stepping out from your house. Not only that, here comes the most exciting part, they have special online exclusive promotion too!!!

Watsons is always a good place for you to get health supplement, beauty products, personal care items and so on. Basically you can get everything that you need from Watsons! There’s always a day that you are lazy to go shopping outside with the hot and humid weather. Now, you can shop go online with Watsons and get extra discount when you go online.

Shopping online with Watsons is easy.


  • Step 1: Search the items that you are interested to buy.


  • Step 2: Click in the product and know about the product details. See whether products is suitable for you or not.


  • Step 3: Add your favorite products into the basket.


  • Step 4: Click on the order basket and you can check your order summary. Once you have make decision, click on the check-out button and you are ready for payment.


  • Step 5: Create your Watsons account with your Watsons card or email.


  • Step 6: Select your delivery method. You can choose to collect your Watsons purchase at any selected Watsons store or just require them to deliver to your home.


  • Step 7: If you have any promo code for extra discount just add the voucher code in or you can also redeem your Watsons point.


  • Step 8: Select your payment method. Right now, Watsons do not offer any cash on delivery.


  • Step 9: Once your order is successful, you will receive an email notification.


If you prefer home delivery, please note that they do have certain charging rates.


If you choose to collect your parcel from Watsons store, please note that not all store do offer this service.  Here are the list of the Watsons store that provide this service:


Once your parcel is ready for you to collect, you will receive an email or SMS notification.


Hope you enjoy shopping with Watsons Online.  I really enjoy mine especially with their fast delivery and extra dicount for online purchase. I placed my order on a Friday evening and I’m ready to collect my stuff on Wednesday. The most exciting part is I get to get the same stuff in-store but with a cheaper price.

Hope you enjoy reading my post.

Love, Jess

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