Hello everyone, welcome back to my blog. Recent months is busy and tiring for me. I became a night owl to finishing up my uni assignment and coursework. Lacking of sleep caused me to loss concentration easily. Bad diet, study stress, irregular daily life has caused my face to look so dull and tired!!! Friends has been commenting about me that I look so exhausted. Luckily, I found a healthy supplement BHK’s VITAMIN B + FERROCHEL IRON (璨研維他命B群+鐵). It has all change after I have taking it regularly.




What it is

This product added iron, that is strictly selected from the world, which is ferrous glycine (Ferrochel). Binding of glycine and a ferrous ion form ferrous glycinate,which is an iron that is highly different from others. It’s a small and stable molecules, and through the protection of glycine, it enhance the digestion and absorption of ferrous ions in the human body. Therefore it has a better absorption effect than the average iron (ferrous sulfate) which is 4.5 times higher than others. (from the web:

A healthy supplement that help to restore inner grow, regulate our body to promote metabolism, and supply nutrients to our body that has been lacking. BHK’s VITAMIN B + FERROCHEL IRON (璨研維他命B群+鐵) contains two main ingredients, Vitamin B and Ferrochel Iron that are very important to our body especially ladies. 


Vitamin B plays a major function in:

  1. Promoting cell growth and division
  2. Maintaining healthy skin and muscle tone
  3. Supporting and increasing the rate of metabolism
  4. Enhancing immune and nervous system function
  5. Easing stress

Vitamin B is an important supplement/nutrient to ladies because it helps to:

  • Improved mood
  • Reduced anxiety and depression
  • Reduced PMS symptoms
  • Improved memory
  • Prevent vitamin deficiencies for developing fetus (baby)

Source of Vitamin B from: The Benefits of B Vitamins


Ferrochel Iron, better form of iron, offers several key advantages over typical iron supplements due to its chelated form. Like all Albion minerals, Ferrochel is chelated to produce a mineral supplement of superior quality and results:

  • Safer — your body absorbs only what it needs: Ferrochel’s chelate structure allows your body’s iron stores to control how much iron is absorbed, so that you don’t absorb too much.
  • Less Gastrointestinal Upset (e.g. nausea and/or constipation)
  • No Taste
  • Does Not Block Absorption of Other Nutrients
  • GMO-free, Vegetarian, Hypo-allergenic, Kosher, Halal, BSE-free

Cause of our body lack of Iron: Insufficient dietary intake, Losses a lot of blood during period, Regular consumption of coffee or tea

Source of Ferrochel Iron from: 6 Reasons Why Albion® Ferrochel® is a Better Form of Iron


Are you having the same problem like me???

Irregular daily life, Lacking of sleep, Irregular diet, Stress and exhausted, Dull skin tone

Then, it’s time for you to increase your supplement for Vitamin B and Iron!!!


1 Tablet of BHK’s Vitamin B + Ferrochel Iron (璨研維他命B群+鐵) is claimed to be equal to all the Vitamin B and Iron that our body need.Such as:

  • 3kg of Pork (B1)
  • 166 eggs (B2)
  • 10kg of Fish (B6)
  • 19kg of Beef (12)
  • 4 Cabbage (Folic Acid)
  • 160s Cherry Tomatoes (Nicotinamide)
  • 850g of Sesame Seed (Biotin)
  • 6 Pieces of Tofu (Iron)



After consistently consuming BHK’s VITAMIN B + FERROCHEL IRON (璨研維他命B群+鐵) for two weeks, I feel that I’m now more energetic and can easily focus on my work. Put aside the beauty effect, I feel that inner health is more important. No matter how beautiful you are, without a healthy and strong body you will lose everything. Thus, it’s important for us to take good care of our body before anything else. I always stay up late for my work and assignment, lacking of sleep is a common issue for me. Before this, I have never thought about taking Vitamin B and Iron to make my body feel better. I’m the one who’s always thinking that I can recover my sleep time and healthy diet after busy period. But, it’s wrong!!! Staying in a busy city life, you will never find time for yourself. Even during the holiday period, you put your body into maximum enjoyment. Especially for girls, we have an extra “tired period time” on every month too. Additional supplement are necessary to boost our energy level and metabolism. I choose BHK’s VITAMIN B + FERROCHEL IRON (璨研維他命B群+鐵) as my daily booster. This is because it is 4.5 times more easily absorbed than the others and it contains Vitamin B and Iron That I needed the most. Right now, I can be healthy and beauty on the inside and outside.


“Together we can all become beautiful women”




Will I purchase? Yes!!! You can get it now from ( or visit their Facebook page 好物飛行 for more info. is a trustworthy website that provides varieties of Taiwan products, do visit ( They ship directly from Taiwan to Malaysia.





16 thoughts on “BHK’S VITAMIN B + FERROCHEL IRON (璨研維他命B群+鐵)

    • Jesseline says:

      As it’s a supplement so it’s really depending on how your body works. Some might see a fast results some might not. For me, I can really feel the energy differences but for skin dullness it takes a little time.. hope this will help 😉


    • Jesseline says:

      Hi Annie, I do not experience any side effects when consuming this products. Instead i have consume two bottle of it. 🙂 While due to your situation, I feel really sorry and hope you did feel well right now. For your case, I think is best to consult a doctor. My personal thoughts is, if it’s due to this products you may even feel it after 2 or 3 days of consumption but you only experience a soft stool after a week. Anyway, it’s best for you to consult a doctor or your nutritionist/pharmacist.
      Hope you are in good condition now. 🙂
      Love, Jess


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