About me – Jesseline Yun

Hello everyone, my name is Jesseline Yun and I’m the writer of So I’m Jess blog. People around me address me as Jess. 😀

❤️ Be Confident. Be Beautiful ❤️


I’m a Chinese Asian that live in a country named Malaysia that located in Southeast Asia. It is a wonderful and beautiful country.

What can I say about me: 😄

  • I love to travel (experiencing different culture and exploring new things)
  • I must make sure I’m looking good all the times 😘 (A perfectionist)
  • I’m a shopaholic (Girl that love to go for shopping!!!) 😁
  • I’m a person who is passionate for all the beauty and fashion products or items (skincare,makeup,….,all from head to toe) 😭
  • I love to share 😃 (my experiences, feelings, and all)

If you are also a person like me, then lets be friend!!! 😊 Here’s my Instagram (Click here to follow). Besides I also owned another blog name as Jess Beauty Life.

Tell me more about what do you interested to know about. I’ll try my best to update you guys often.

For business purposes, please contact me at jesseline.jl@gmail.com. I’ll love to do beauty reviews. I hope to share my experience and information with all of you.