A Complete Guide to Mascara Wands & Their Benefits

Hello everyone, welcome back to my blog. Hope everyone of you have a nice day ahead. ūüôā Are you guys just like me?¬†Any shape of the mascara wands doesn’t matter¬†for me,¬†as long as it’s a mascara that I can apply on my eye lashes. But, there is just too many types of mascara in the market!

There was a time when the shape of your mascara wand didn‚Äôt mean a thing. Straight and narrow, that was the way. Now we‚Äôre seeing spoolie shapes that feature curves and cones, spikes, push-up wings, and even cup-shaped bristles‚ÄĒeach of which delivers a unique lash effect from curling and volumizing, to lengthening, multiplying and even clumping, if that‚Äôs what you‚Äôre into.

I read an article from Makeup.com and is all about types of mascara. That article has given me a very useful tips that I would like to share.

So, if you’re re-thinking your mascara choices, read on to see if you’re using the right wand for the lashes of your dreams.


A new trend in town, Twiggy-esque spider lashes has been making regular appearance on runways, social feeds, and celeb’s faces. If serious drama is your cup of tea, the Spider Spike Brush works to sweep on the bold volume and maximum length, while the tapered tips is used for applying mascara to your corners.

Mega volume. Mega plush. That’s what we like to hear when someone ¬†is describing your eyelashes. And with a Flexor Brush this full and plump, you can expect every single lash to be coated with mascara for mega volume, thickness and body. BOOM!!!

The winged lashes, look for a winged wand! The exclusive “Push Up” winged brush sweep lashes to thee side, while lifting and plumping from thee roots for a voluminous, winged arch. So, you can bat your lashes without worrying about your falsies¬†coming off.

Doll-like lashes without a lash curler – is it really possible? The custom C-curl brush lifts each lash for the perfect curl and thickness without the perpetual worry of pinching off your lashes.

Sometimes a gal ¬†just wanted a well-defined lashes with zero-clumps. For natural long-looking lashes, this “Wiper” brush deliver the perfect amount of formula to each lash without clumps, bumps or undesirable lumps!

And on and opposite note, sometimes you just want to unleash chaotic, clumpy lashes when the occasions call for it. A teaser brush such as this one has the same effect on your lashes as a testing brush for your hair. we mean BIG volume, plump, purposefully unorganized lashes. Call us a hot mess. We’ll take it as a compliment.

Uhm, who doesn’t want lots and lots (and lots) of lashes? The unique, heart-shaped brush reached each and every lashes to multiply impact. Get ready for those “WOW, are those your real lashes?” comments.

This spoolie does for your lashes what stilettos does for your legs – elongates! The Grip & Extended Brush grasps each lash and extend for every angle for 70% longer looking lashes. Well we’ll continue to wish for longer legs, lashes will also do.

Which wand work best for your lashes needs?

Share your favorite mascara and spoolie shape in the comments below! I’ll go for a try too!!!

Hope you enjoy reading my post.

Love, Jess

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How To: Pick the Right Tool to Apply Foundation

Hello everyone, recently I have came across an article about  How To: Pick the Right Tool to Apply Foundation from Makeup.com. I find that the article is very interesting and informative. Thus, I decided to share with you girls.

*Main article has been edited and retained information are from Makeup.comhow-to-pick-the-right-foundation-tool-bopOne of the questions that will pop up every time when we apply foundation is, whether we should use our fingers, a brush, or a sponge to apply foundation. My answer? All three methods work, as long as you know how and when to use each technique. Here are some guidelines to get you started.


A foundation brush should be used when applying liquid foundation to the face. A brush will give you a flawless finish without wasting a lot of your product, and it also blends much more evenly than your fingers will. While you can apply liquid foundation with your fingers, you’ll end up spending more time blending, and usually the results won’t match up to a brush’s ability to smooth and perfect. Invest in a quality foundation brush and wash it regularly. This will increase the longevity of the brush and make the most of your money!


The Beauty Blender Sponge is one of my favorite tools for blending foundation and concealer on the skin. This is a great tool to use after you have applied foundation to your face, but want to make sure all areas are buffed to perfection. It also has a tip point that makes blending around the nose and eyes extremely easy if your brush didn’t quite get to those areas. The sponges that you want to avoid using for application are the white triangular shaped ones. These actually absorb the foundation immediately, causing you to use more. Utilizing a sponge to help blend instead of applying the product will give you much better results.


The best time to use your fingers is when applying light tinted moisturizers or BB creams. Since this texture is almost like a moisturizer, the finish is extremely natural, making it easy to achieve an even skin tone by hand. The most important thing to remember when using your fingers is to make sure they are clean! Wash your hands before every application to avoid spreading oil, dirt, and germs to your face.

How do you like to apply your foundation?

Let me know in the comments below!

Hope you enjoy reading my post.

Love, Jess

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Secret PERFUME Hacks

Hello everyone, today I simply wanna share the ways of me using my perfumes. People around me know that I love perfumes so much. I have a small cupboard just to store all my perfumes collection. Collections variety from¬†Parfum,¬†Eau de Parfum,¬†Eau de Toilette,¬†Eau de Cologne,¬†and Mist, even¬†different¬†types of it from spray, rollerball, to balm.¬†No matter how many I have buy, it’s always not enough perfumes for my life.¬†

The knowledge and ways of using the perfumes right, might not be something that everyone knows. The proper and actual ways of using the perfumes can helps your perfumes to lasts longer ¬†and even make you “SMELLS” more gorgeous and sexy.

Here you go, the Secret PERFUMES Hacks!!!

  1. How many times to spray perfumes in a day?
    • Eau de Toilette (EDT) is the most popular types of fragrance.¬†EDT fragrance will normally last for 2-3¬†hours. Thus, it can be spray on 3¬†times in a day for every 3-4 hours periods. It’s commonly for day-wear.¬†image
    • Eau de Parfum (EDP) is the strongest perfume after Parfum. It will last for 4-5¬†¬†hours. Thus, spraying it 2 times in a day should be enough. It’s commonly for night-wear.¬†chanel
    • Parfum has¬†the highest fragrance concentration. Parfums last the longest; usually 6-8¬†hours. So, spraying it a little before you leave the house should be enough.¬†People with sensitive skin may do better with parfums as they have far less alcohol than other fragrance types.cherryblossom
  2. Ways to use perfumes
    • For a lighter scent, spray the fragrance in the air and slowly walk into the mist.¬†The spray will¬†distribute evenly across¬†your body and leave you with a hint of fragrance for¬†occasions when you don’t want to smell as strong. I like to do this after I bath and before putting on my clothes.62c51453b23888722e208b91f91d111a
    • Use a fragrance specifically designed for hair¬†to make it smell¬†better¬†after the meal. Who likes the hair smells after the heavy meal, I hate it the most. To keep the oily smell away, transfer your hair perfume (or your favorite perfume) into a smaller spray bottle and bring it with you all the time. It’s a good touch up.¬†image
    • Mix your lotion and perfume to be a Perfumed Lotion. Pour the last bit of¬†fragrance from an¬†almost-empty¬†perfume bottle into unscented lotion so nothing goes to waste.¬†lotionperfume
    • Spray some of your favorite perfume on to your¬†handkerchief and placed it in your handbag and closet. Now, your handbag and your clothes will have your favorite scent with it. The best part is when you are moving around, the scents will follow behind you.¬†tissuedrawers
    • Spray perfume on your pillow before you sleep. The one with¬†calming scents can¬†help you sleep better. The one that you love can leave¬†your hair with a light scent on¬†the next day. It works the best if you are not planning to go for a hair wash on the next day.¬†pillows
  3. Which part to spray the perfumes on?
    • Target pulse¬†points and warm areas on your body¬†when spraying perfume.¬†To make your scent last longer, choose a couple target areas as the picture below¬†shows (not all of them at once). The warm areas indicated¬†will help diffuse the fragrance across your entire body and spraying¬†your ankles and calves will allow the scent to¬†rise throughout the day.¬†apply-perfumes
  4. How to make it last longer?
    • If you have the habit of wearing stocking or pantyhose then, you may spray it on them.¬†Stockings and pantyhose are mainly made from nylon, which is a material that scents can leave on it for a longer time (almost whole day). Roll it up into a round shape and spray your perfume on them, so that it can be sprayed evenly.stockings
    • Apply an unscented¬†lotion before your fragrance.¬†Oily complexions retain¬†fragrances longer, so if you have dry skin, use a moisturizer first¬†to help¬†lock in the scent.¬†moisturizefirst
    • Spray your perfume right after taking a¬†shower and before getting dressed.¬†The moisture on your skin will help lock in the scent. This¬†will also prevent the fragrance from staining delicate clothes or jewelry. You may even you the bath gel from the same collection so that the scents stay on longer.¬†loccitane-jasmin-immortelle-neroli-lg
    • Don’t dab the fragrance on your wrists after spraying.¬†If you rub your wrists together, you’ll force¬†the top notes to¬†disappear faster than intended¬†and as a result¬†make your fragrance not last as long.¬†gallery_nrm_1419963235-dab
  5. What to do when you spray too much?
    • If you are spraying too much of perfumes on one point, use a makeup wipe or wet towel to get rid of the scents. There’s always one day that our hand will get too itchy or heavy, no worries, just wipe it off.¬†gallery_nrm_1419978719-wipe
  6. Know your know fragrances
    • Familiarize¬†yourself with¬†common¬†fragrance terms so you know exactly what the sales¬†associates are referring to when helping you find a new perfume.¬†gallery_nrm_1419974763-perfume-scale
So, what’s your ways of using your favorite perfume?

Hope you enjoy reading my post.

Love, Jess

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Sunscreen : You Need to Know

Hello everyone, welcome to my blog. Today our topic will be sunscreen or you called it sunblock. Sunscreen is a must have items in my beauty bucket list. I’m a person that like to travel around. Whenever there’s holiday, I’ll definitely book a trip to exploring new places like¬†a beach, a city or a village. I just love to walk and chilling around. As a travel lover and also an Asian,¬†one thing that you can’t miss is the sunscreen. It’s not only giving your skin a healthy look, but it’s a protection for your skin.


  • Re-apply sunscreen anytime

Apply sunscreen before we leaving the house is a common things that we do everyday. However, that is not enough, especially if we are travelling or chilling by the beach or pool side. The sweat will eventually melt off everything. I deally is to re-apply our sunscreen every two – three hours. But, how should we re-apply our sunscreen if we are wearing makeup? (I can’t remove all of the makeup just to apply sunscreen again) Here you go, we have the spray type sunscreen to solve all our problem. I have the Cyber Colors ¬†Brightense Whitening UV Protect Spray SPF50 PA+++¬†from¬†SaSa. It’s only US$16.50 for 150ml which I can use up to 6 months. Another choice is the¬†Premium Tomato Cool & Dry Sun Spray SPF50+ PA+++ form Skin Food¬†a Korean brand. It’s much more easier to carry around than the Cyber Colors one since it’s smaller in size. With a spray type sunblock, you can just spray all over your face to body whenever you need it.

  • Using the correct sunscreen

There are lots of different types of sunscreen or sunblock in the market. Every of them comes in different SPF. It is not necessary to use high SPF all the time, it depends on where will you be. In the summer, I’ll suggest to use a sunscreen that is higher than SPF3O. If you will be exploring to the sun a lot or¬†will stay¬†in the outdoor during afternoon than you may choose a sunblock that is at least SPF50. On the other side, if you only will be staying in the office or indoor, a sunscreen with SPF20-30 is sufficient for you. Choosing the right sunscreen or sunblock is very important, the wrong one will sometimes cause damage to your skin.


  • Applying proper amount of sunscreen

Amount of sunscreen should be enough to cover your whole face or even until your neck if you want. Don’t try to save your products by just applying it a little. The purpose of sunscreen is to protect our skin, if the sunscreen is not enough to cover and protect our skin then why do we use it.


Hope you enjoy reading my post.

Love, Jess

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Makeup Fixing Hacks

Hello everyone, welcome back to my blog. Hope that all of you are doing well. Excuse me for being away from my blog for a week¬†because I’m busy enjoying my life in Shanghai, China. ūüėĀ I’m there about¬†a week for a short family vacation. It’s a nice and lovely country.


Photo of me in Shanghai Disneyland

Summer¬†in Shanghai is just too hot and dry. My skin becomes dehydrated and thus more oil is produced. Travelling requires you to walk a lot, so I’m being exposed to the hot sun all the time. The worst thing during travelling is that your body might be dehydrated because lacking of water. This will cause your skin to be extra dry and cause the makeup to be cakey. So, remember to drink enough of water all the time. Makeup tend to melt faster under the hot sun.¬†Fixing the makeup is a must especially you wanna be presentable and pretty all the time. However, the techniques to maintain and fixing the makeup also very important. The nightmare of fixing the makeup is that, it becomes thicker and thicker. This is because you are trying to cover the flaw and thus layering more and more layer of makeup. This can cause your skin to be tired and non-breathable. Actually steps to fix the makeup is very easy and simple. Today, I’ll share with you guys the tips and steps I used to fix my makeup. If you are interested please keep reading. ūüėä


  • A clean face tissue / paper tissue¬†

Some people will like to use blotting paper to absorbs excess oil from the face. Yes, it can absorbs the oil quickly without leaving any trace marks. However, I’ll choose to use a clean face tissue to do that job for me. Blotting paper sometimes will over absorbs the oil and can cause the face to produce more oil especially for my skin types that is oily but dehydrated. To absorbs oil, I will use a face tissue and dab lightly on my face. (Remember is dab lightly not rub). After that, I’ll use powder (any kind of face powder that you like or have) again lightly dab (either using the brush or puff) it on top of the face tissue that place on your face. I find this tricks kinda useful for me.

  • Moisturizer

I’ll always have a small moisturizer in my makeup bag. It’s very handy and useful. It’s better to keep a moisturizer that’s moisturizing but not oily. The one I have is a¬†Ho Balm¬†from 3CE a Korean brand. Just apply lightly on the place you wanna fix the makeup. Sometimes I even used the balm to fix my smudge eyeliner. It’s better than any makeup remover (you no need to worry about washing off the remover). Using a moisturizer before reapply your makeup will cause the makeup to last longer. If your favorite moisturizer comes in a big tube or bottle, just transfer it to a small container and bring it with you all the time. ¬†Other choice you can have is use your lip balm as the moisturizer. The lip balm can be a bit oily but it still can do that job. 3CE Ho Balm is the best it can be used as all purposes balm. Read my full review on¬†3CE Ho Balm.


  • Setting powder or setting spray

Now, you have moisturized and fix the makeup. But a gentle reminder here, don’t reapply your makeup on the whole face. This will not last long instead it will cause you too look too tired due to the cakey and thick makeup. Just reapply and fix the makeup at where it requires. After you have done all, use very little setting powder to remove excess oil and set the makeup. If your skin isn’t too oily, a makeup setting spray is even enough for your makeup to last. My favorite makeup setting spray is from Make Up Forever, Mist & Fix Setting Spray. Read my full review on¬†Make Up Forever Mist & Fix Setting Spray.

So, that’s how I fix my makeup all the times. I hope you did gain something from this post.

Hope you enjoy reading.

Love, Jess

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Secret of Glowing Skin

Hello everyone, welcome back to my blog. Today is another beauty tips sharing session. Today topic is about glowing skin. Clear glowing skin is a dream of everyone. How to get a glowing skin? How to have flawless skin? Even after you apply the expensive skincare, your face still look dull¬†or your¬†makeup still doesn’t last long. Still wondering why??? No worries, today I’m here to help you out.


Clear and Glowing Skin

  • Proper cleansing


According to dermatologist, proper number of cleansing should be two times daily. One in the morning and another one at night. Face wash in the morning should be very mild. Instead, just use a warm washcloth to gently clean your face and then put on some toner.¬†When you sleep, your skin will produce oils. The oils released during that time are good for your skin, so don‚Äôt wash them away¬†in the morning! If you are using a very strong pH cleanser in the morning, your face will then start to reproduce the oils. Oils reproduction usually takes 2-3 hours. However, if you you apply your makeup before that period, your skin will not look glowing. This will be reasons why your makeup doesn’t last long and your face look dull in the morning. If you still feel like you need a cleanser in the morning, I’ll suggest a mild cleanser like COSRX Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser.¬†On the other hand, night cleansing is the step that shouldn’t be skip. We have to make sure that all dirt and makeup should be remove nicely. I’ll suggest to use a form cleanser like Kiehls Calendula Deep Cleansing Foaming Face Wash.

  • Moisturizing


As I have mention in previous post [Steps to Summer Perfect Skin], keeping your face moisturized and hydrated is very important. No matter what seasons is it, summer or winter, moisturizing step shouldn’t be miss.¬†Toner and moisturizer provides different level of moisture. Toner is just to soften the skin so that the skin can absorbs the moisture from the moisturizer more quickly and easy. In the morning, you can choose a light moisturizer like¬†Kiehls Ultra Facial Oil-Free Gel-Cream¬†and at night for dry and dehydrated skin you can go for oil selection like¬†Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate¬†or for oily skin I’ll choose to use¬†Laneige Water Sleeping Mask. I have try all these moisturizer and I love it. They keep your skin moisturized but not leaving you s greasy feeling.

  • Remove makeup before sleep


Sleeping with makeup on is very bad to the skin.¬†Makeup fills in your pores and glands, thus causing inflammation. After a long day outside, the first things to do is remove all the junk (makeup) from our face. We can’t deny that makeup is made with chemicals. ¬†So, it’s very important that for us to leave our face clean and free from those chemicals. No matter how busy or tired it is, I’ll still cleanse my face before I sleep. I can skip the moisturizing steps but not the cleansing. If you are really tired and lazy, I’ll suggest you to use cleansing water like Caudalie Micellar Cleansing Water¬†that have the properties to cleanse and moisturize your skin at the same time. But, if you have enough time never, never skip your proper cleansing.

  • The right foundation


Choosing the right foundation is very important. It’s the main factor of how your skin will be reflects. A good foundation will keep you looking good all the time but will not cause any troubles to your skin too.¬†As long as you take it off before bed, makeup isn‚Äôt going to do much harm. Find a foundation that isn‚Äôt too heavy for your skin and has SPF. Remember less is always better. Try not to apply your foundation to heavy. Sometimes heavy foundation is the cause of your sensitive and acne skin.¬†Your makeup will also will not be that long-lasting with heavy foundation on.¬†Foundation mainly is to balance your skin tone. If you need to cover up your flaw, use¬†a concealer. Rinse your brushes as often as you can and wash them with soap once a week. My post ‘A Clean Brush | For Wonderful Makeup‘ do have techniques for you to clean your makeup tools.

  • Drinking enough water


Not to forget, natural beauty come from our body itself. So, girls remember to drink enough of water everyday. 2oooCC of water should be the base line for everyday intake. Fatigue and tiredness is the cause of not drinking enough water. When the body dehydrate, tissues and cells will start to be weak. To keep our skin glowing and healthy, drinking enough of water is very important. Maybe you will find that only drinking plain water will be boring, here I have a post for you to make your drinks more tasty and healthy.  Read this: Detox Water (Healthy + Beauty) for a better drink.

Hope you enjoy reading.

Love, Jess

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Steps to Summer Perfect Skin

Hello everyone, welcome to my blog. ūüėä Today I’ll wanna share a little tips for you to have the perfect skin during this summer time. This will be the season where you wanna use minimal makeup and show off your flwaless skin. You might have know all this tips but didn’t practice it. So, I’m here just to give you a small reminder. ūüėĄ I basically stay in a place whereby it’s always hot and humid. Thus, these tips do help me out a little.

During summer time, our makeup will get melt or slip¬†easily due to the summer heat. Before we step out of the house, our makeup is perfectly sitting on the face. However, only 5 minutes we are out from house, it started ‘crying’ on our face already. ūüė≠ūüė≠ūüė≠ No worries, here are the tips for you!

  • Moisturize


Many people think that we only need to moisturize our face during the winter time. This is wrong!!! In fact, skin needs more hydration in the summer due to drying sun and air-conditioning. Toner alone is not enough to keep our skin hydrated and moisturized. Skipping the moisturizer is one of the main factor that cause our makeup slipping in the afternoon heat. One of the reasons why we don’t like to use moisturizer during the summer time is because of the oiliness and greasiness. So, we can switch to a lighter moisturizer that labeled oil-free or gel based moisturizer. Oil-free or gel based cream usually will be very light but do provides enough hydration to skin. E.g.¬†Laneige Water Bank Gel Cream_EX,¬†Kiehl’s Oil Free Collection,¬†Neutropenia Hydro Boost Water Gel.

  • Makeup Based


We girls will like to be beautiful all the time. Finding the right makeup based is very important. It’s not only important to search the right skin tone, it is also important for the makeup based to fit our skin condition and texture. Sumer and hot seasons will somehow make us sweat and produce oil. Thus, I’ll choose to use oil-free primer and foundation. E.g.¬†Benefit The POREfessional: matte rescue gel,¬†Benefit The POREfessional face primer,¬†CoverGirl TruBlend Liquid Makeup,¬†Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation

  • Cream based and waterproof


When sweat and powders mix, the result isn’t pretty. Sheer cream shadows tend to cake less in hot weather (plus, they glisten in the sun). Some cream based eye shadows contain silicone that locks the color in place. E.g. Laura Mercier Satin√©e Cr√©me Eye Colour.¬†Remember to prevent kohl eye pencil during summer time. It will definitely smudge and make you ugly. Try to use waterproof liner like¬†Shiseido Makeup Automatic Fine Eyeliner.¬†Waterproof mascara is a no-brainer in the summer. It can withstand the office, the gym, the pool, and the bar without smudging. You still can have a dramatic eyes during the hot seasons. E.g.¬†Maybelline New York Define-A-Lash Lengthening Waterproof Mascara.

  • Setting the makeup


This is the most important step, setting the makeup. During this seasons, you will definitely sweat. Thus, using a good setting powder is the key. Buy a good setting powder that can help you to seal the makeup and last long. E.g. Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder, Tarte Amazonian Clay Setting Powder.

So, that’s all the reminder and tips for you. Remember less is more. Overdoing your face will not be a good idea for this season. Simple and nice will always look good.

Hope you enjoy reading.

Love, Jess

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A Clean Brush | For Wonderful Makeup

Hello everyone, welcome to my blog. Today I’ll be talking about makeup brushes. There are a lots of makeup brushes in the market and everyone of it has its own function. But, today I’m not writing to tell you about the functions of  brushes. I’m here to share with you THE KEY TO HAVE A PERFECT MAKEUP LOOK, which is A CLEAN MAKEUP BRUSH.

Let describe makeup brushes as human (I know it will be a bit silly). Let’s imagine if you have not bath for a day, you will definitely feel uncomfortable. Same concept on brushes, only a clean makeup brushes will perform better for you makeup. Thus, we have to ensure that our makeup brushes are always clean and ready to be used.


So, I’ll be discussing a few ways to keep your makeup tools clean. Cleansing your brush should be a regular routine. As for every use of yours, you will be picking up oil, dirt and bacteria. This might be the main reasons that cause your skin to be sensitive and built up new pimples. Keeping the brushes clean doesn’t mean have to wash it everyday. Our objective is to keep the brushes and tools hygiene with minimal amounts of dirt and bacteria. 

Q: How to minimize the trouble and times of washing brushes? 

This will be the main problem especially when we are creating a perfect eye look. To create a perfect and wonderful eye look, we often will layer it or mixing it with few colors. If we are using a same brush for this, it might cause the original color to be mix around and you doesn’t want this to happen. Thus, I’ll suggest to start with the lighter shade and end with the darker shade. Sometimes, the best tool can also be your fingers. You can always easily wiping off the dirt on your hand. If after every use we have to wash our brushes, it can be a bit frustrating. So, I’ll suggest to purchase some makeup brush cleaner that will not need to be rinse. I have reviewed the brush cleanser brand named Beauty So Clean or another choice will be Make Up For Ever Instant Brush Cleanser. Both products do clean my brushes well. I will recommend to spray the cleanser on the brush right after using it to wipe off the excess and it’s ready to use for the next. However, in the morning I’l be rushing for work. Thus, I often clean it before I start off my makeup.

Q: How to get the brushes and tools to dry faster? 

A high quality brush usually will be more difficult to dry due to the thick bristles of the makeup brush. After washing the brushes and puff, you may use a clean tissue to absorb the excess water first. After that, just dap it with a clean cloth and place it on the cloth letting it dry by itself. This might take a longer time. Another way to dry brushes will be hang it upside down and drying it (with the brush facing downwards). If we drying our brush the other way (brush facing upwards), it might cause the brush hair to loosen and fall. Keeping the brushes in shape is very important because it will affect the finishing look that we will get from the brush. Remember don’t speed up the drying process by using heater, hair dryer or drying it under the sun. It will cause the brushes to be out of shape and also causing the puff to be harden.

Q:How to keep the skincare brushes and tools clean? 

Skincare brushes and tools can be divide into two categories. First, is the normal cleansing brush or specific cleansing brush like blackheads cleansing brush. To clean a cleansing brush is much more easier. This is because we use the cleansing brush with our face cleanser together. Thus, rinsing it with water is already enough. While for the second one, will be tools like pimples extractor, toning device and so on. Don’t forget you use all these tools on the face, thus it have to be clean always. Especially for pimples extractor we have to ensure it is clean after every use. Cleaning skincare tools are much more easier. The most simple way is just to wipe it off with a clean wet cloth and then wipe it again with a clean dry cloth.

Q: How to clean makeup puff? 

This can be a big problem. Our makeup puff can get dirty very easily but it is not easy to clean it. Nowadays, cushion foundation, bronzer, blusher and so on are so in trend. However, after a few usage the puff inmediately turn to be dirty and ugly. You wanna replace the old puff with a new one but the cost for it is too high. Not to worry, I have a new trick for you to solve that problem. I saw a video in Wishtrend TV and it works great on cleaning all the dirty puff. This  video (How To Clean Makeup Sponge) really help me out a lot. In the video, they will use dish washer. I don’t like the dish washer smell and I feel like the puff I’m gonna use on my face (I’m gonna keep smelling it). Thus, I replace it with my body wash.

I hope with this post, you will now take care of your brushes and tools more. Sometimes a dirty brushes or tools is he cause of acne and trouble skin. The way to have a flawless makeup look start with a hygiene tools. It will not only help your skin to be better, it also help the makeup to stay well too.

Love, Jess

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Ladies Best Friend – TONER

Hello everyone, welcome back to my blog. Today, I’ll wanna share a few ways to use toner in our daily life. If you are interested, please keep reading. I believe that every girl will have the basic skincare products in their drawer or vanity. Face cleanser, toner, and moisturizer is the most basic and simple products that  a person will  start off with before a more complex one. No matter how busy or lazy are you, I’ll bet that you will still have the toner with you. So, let us start the sharing and you will look at your toner differently from now.


As all of us know that toner is to moisture and hydrate our skin. It keep your skin pH balance. Our skin is naturally acidic, normally with a pH balance of between five and six. After cleansing, due to the alkaline nature of soap, the pH balance of skin gets disturbed. When this happens your skin needs to work overtime to restore the balance (and that may result in oil), but using a toner helps to restore this balance quickly. Besides, it also helps to protect our skin too. It is used to reduce the penetration of impurities and environmental contaminants into the skin. Of course, at last it freshen our skin as well.

Actually, there is many ways to fully utilizes our toner. The most common way for us to apply our toner is pat gently onto our face after the face wash, before we sleep or apply our make up. It will be the first step of our skincare routine. I believe, most of you here use toner as this way only. Don’t worry, I used to be like that too until I came across a post that shows me more than one ways to use toner.

The first way I’ll recommend you to try it out is use it as a lotion. Yes, you didn’t hear it wrong, I repeat, use it as a lotion. As we know toner is used to moisture and hydrate our skin and lotion do have the same function too. But why did we apply toner everyday but not lotion (maybe this is not you, but I’m a person who doesn’t like to apply lotion during the day). If I apply lotion during the day, I will feel uneasy due to the stickiness. But now, toner solved my problems. My body can be moisturized and hydrated just like my face too. People with dry skin I highly recommend this.


Toner as lotion

Next, you can use toner as your hair serum or mist. We often use hair oil for extra protection because of the ugly frizzy hair end. However, the hair oil sometimes can make our hair way too oily and greasy. Toner will then make a total different on it. Just pour a few drops out on your palm and rub it on the hair ends. To have a better effects on damage hair, just mix it with you favorite cream. You are now ready to go with beautiful hair.


Toner as hair serum

We all know that bath salts are good for our body. It helps to relax our tired body after a long day. Do you know that, actually toner can also be used as bath salt. For bath salts, we will pour a certain amount of it into the water and we will soak and bath with it. If I recommend you doing that with toner, I think all of us may just pour the whole bottle of toner in it. (At least, I’ll will… hahaha) Right after a hot bath or steam bath, I’ll pat my body with toner. As our pores may open up due to the heat, this is the good time for our body to absorbs all the essence. Just once a week for this, you can notice the body has turned extra soft.


Toner as bath salt

Lastly, the most common one use toner as a face mask. On a tired day, you just feel like falling asleep without doing anything on your face a toner face mask will help you with that. At least you still get to moisture your skin before the day come. Just purchase a bag of compressed face mask (can be purchase from Muji) that is good and affordable. Soak your favorite toner with the mask sheet until it open up and become a sheet mask. Just relax and fall asleep with your face being moisturized too.


Toner as face mask

Now, do you still think that toner is only for the face. I use all these tricks especially when I go travel. I wanna travel light and easy, with a bottle of my favorite toner I can leave my lotion, hair oil and also bath salts at home. I’ll also transfer my toner into a small spray bottle that I can bring on board and go all the places with me. No more excuse to leave your skin and body dry.

Of course, if all these tricks are used with an expensive toner you will feel waste. So, I will recommend you to use some of the affordable toner like Simple Soothing Facial TonerJuice Beauty Hydrating MistNourish Organic Refreshing and Balancing Face Toner, or any other toners that you feel is suitable for you just to use for this.

I hope this post do give you more choices to use your toner starting from now. Hope you enjoy reading it.

Love, Jess

Thank you so much for stopping by. If you like my post, please feel free to share.

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