Jeanie Botanicals 

Hello everyone, today I’ll be sharing a local brand from Malaysia name Jeanie Botanicals.

This brand is founded by Jeanie that has been in the nutrition and wellness industry for over the 10 years. This brand provide 100% pure and natural ingredients for beauty, health and wellbeing. The reasons why I love this brand is their products is natural and organic without compromising the quality. I feel that products to be used on skin is better to be organic and harmless.

Here are some of the products that I have been using:

  • Hair & Scalp Treatment Oil


A unique blend of 8 hair and scalp-enhancing herbs bathed in 7 natural botanical oils to stimulate, nourish and restore natural shine to all hair types. Oils of neem, coconut and avocado soften and strengthen fine hair, balance dry and itchy scalp, leaving hair soft and manageable.

I used 2-4 drops of this oil on my towel-dry hair every time after my bath. I feel that my hair has become more shiny and soft. I apply this oil to the end of my hair only (I have try to apply it on my scalp after bath but it turns to be too oily and I feel uncomfortable about it). Another way of using it is hot oil treatment that mention in their website, this treatment really do help in reducing itchy scalp problem. If you worried that this oil will be oily for you, just remember a few drops is more than enough and only apply to the end of the hair.

However, this oil do have slight herbal smells (maybe some of you can’t take it) but it’s okay for me after a few times of using it.

  • Aromatic Bath Salt


A proprietary blend of relaxing essential oils with Hawaiian black lava salt, Dead Sea salt, Epsom salt and pink Himalayan salt rich in over 84 minerals and trace elements to stimulate circulation, soothe sore muscles and eliminate toxins. This indulgent bath salt softens the skin and gently awakes the senses to enhance your wellbeing.

I have the habit of using bath salt once in awhile especially when I’m tired. This bath salt is different from others when it has the combination of different types of salt in a jar. It just make your skin so smooth and relaxed. Usually I’ll pour this bath salt and mix it with hot water and then just bath with it. It is good for blood circulation. Sometimes after a long walk, I’ll just pour few tablespoons and soak my leg with it.

  • Rose & Neroli Facial Toner


This toner is a pure and natural toning elixir formulated from Damask rose and orange blossom (neroli) hydrosols to gently tone and hydrate skin. Hydrosols have similar properties with their essential oils counterpart but they contain water. This beautifying elixir balances skin pH after cleansing while improving the appearance of skin tone and texture.

I use this toner everyday after my bath. I spray it all over my face before my usual skincare steps.  It is a must for me!!! Sometimes we will not directly apply our toner or skincare after bath and this may cause our skin to be dry. Because this toner is a spray type, it is just so easy to apply. I just feel that my skin has been drinking enough water after using this. I even use this after makeup. The bottle is not too big so it’s easy to carry around. I carry this toner with me whenever I go. I’ll just spray all over face when I feel like I need a break. 😃 It do have a scent of Rose that make you feel so good.

  • Liquid Castile Soap (Lavender/Patchouli/Cedarwood)


This soap is their best selling item. This original old fashioned recipe is formulated with a high olive oil content that produces a very mild soap with creamy lather, suitable for all ages and skin types. Made with additional glycerin that leaves skin moisturized, smooth and healthy.

From their website, it says that it can be used for face and body and even laundry!!! (I only use this as body shower gel) This soap is suitable for all skin types. After using it, I feel my body is smooth and soft. It has a very nice scent. It doesn’t make the skin to have a dry feeling due to the texture is a bit oily.

All of the above is based on my personal opinions. If you want to know further about their products you may check out their website ( Jeanie Botanicals). Their products price are reasonable. They do have international shipping as well. 

After trying out their products, don’t forget to let me know how do you feel. 😊

Love, Jess

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