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Hello everyone, post about ‘this month favorite’ will be talking about products that I have been obsessed with for the month. If you all like this kind of posts please like and comments. I’ll continue for every month and write more about it. 😊

For this month I’ll be sharing a product that I first came across when I’m traveling in Taiwan. Taiwan is a place that all beauty junkies should go and explore. It is just full of beauty skincare and cosmetics that you can use from head to toes. *I wish to stay  in Taiwan.

The brand name is KYL广源良 (pronounced as Kuang Yuan Liang).  It’s a Taiwan local brand. Their products is claimed to be natural and organic. One of the products from this brand that I like love the most is KYL广源良 Luffa Spring Water.


KYL广源良 Luffa Spring Water

The key ingredients of this toner is ONLY luffa water!!! Can you imagine it. It’s produced without any other chemicals!!! That’s the extra points for it. It’s suitable for all skin types. Luffa is a vegetable that has the properties of anti-inflammatory. It’s good for people with acne problems. This toner is just like water. It doesn’t have any smells or sticky feeling. Again I repeat, IT’S LIKE WATER!!! It can be use as a toner or just a mist for extra hydration and moisture.

I always carry this toner with me whenever I go. Especially for a girl like me who stay in a country that’s extra hot all the times. This toner has helps to calm my skin a lot. It doesn’t really work like how others skincare does that will shows extra improvement but it does helps in cooling and calming. Sometimes I even spray it on my arms and legs after a long exposure under the sun. I’ll give a big thumbs up for this.

The price of this product is worth for it. (If I didn’t wrong it is less than 20$USD). *I’m regrets that I didn’t buy a box back from Taiwan. They are selling it as a price for 2* I’m now already using the fourth bottle of it. If you are traveling to Taiwan, don’t ever forget to buy a bottle and try it. You will fall in love for it.

  • The official website – Click here (it’s in Chinese)
  • If you are interested to try it, you may try searching it on eBay but I can’t guarantee that you will get it.

Hope you enjoy it. 😊

Love, Jess

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